Watership Down (2018) - No Garfunkel, no sale

Oh man, the animation looks awful, like cut scenes taken from an older video game about rabbits.

Yeah, I have been looking forward to this, but it’s a shame to see they couldn’t do some better animation. Half the time when they hop, the rabbits look like they’re floating across the ground… Well, if they hit the story beats and the performances are good, it could all be forgivable.

Pretty much my take. I’ll still be there day 1, but my expectations are tempered.

Jeez, the animation is terrible. Just rerelease the original.

The landscapes look about the same!

It’s always a mistake to do photo-real environments and textures but not budget for photoreal animation. If they had slapped some toon shaders or abstracted the texture detail/color etc, done more with light and contrast, the animation would be fine. Not everything can or should have an $80 million pricetag, but you can be stylish on a budget and come out ahead.

I blame Junglebook!

It’s a made-for-TV miniseries, what did you expect? Nothing about the CGI looks photoreal even in stills.

Try and find this one if you can:

I absolutely adored the movie soundtrack - still have it on vinyl somewhere in my basement. I mean, just listen to how lovely the intro music was:

I really hate Watership Down, and the creepy music is a big part of that!

I’ve never really understood why it’s so beloved and perpetually on TV.

For a lot of kids of a certain generation, (mine) it was the first animated movie they saw with adult themes. A ton of parents in the USA were badly fooled by the movie. “Oh, it’s a cartoon about bunnies on TV. I’ll let little Johnny watch it after dinner.” But it’s a movie about genocide and fascism, served with an healthy dollop of blood. It really stuck in a lot of kids’ minds.

I’m waiting for a remake of Night of the Lepus.

I had a similar experience with this:

Animated movie I saw as a kid that gave me nightmares for years afterward.

“Binge” watched all four episodes and I rather enjoyed it! Thought the animation was serviceable, more workmanlike than artistic for sure. But the story is great (duh) and the characters were competently voiced. Anyone else see it?

Wow, people really loved them some flute in the '70s.