We are still screwed: the coming climate disaster


On one hand “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”

On the other hand unless there is a plan/mechanism to take the remaining 1.7 milion steps why even start? I have not studied the framework of the Paris agreement to know if it really puts a mechanism place to complete the journey.

Certainly, the goals are so modest and the measuring process so poor that they fall well within in the error range of any climate models. Meaning if we get 2100 (I won’t of course) and the climate isn’t a disaster we will have no way of knowing if the Paris impact had any impact at all But if the climate is a disaster in 2100, then we know that it wasn’t enough. The problem with feel good, symbolic gestures is they give people a false sense of security, I don’t which group the Paris accord falls into an important step or feel good gesture.


Trump’s Razor applies to the Paris agreement same as it does everything else.

What is the stupidest reason for him to want to get out of the Paris agreement? It’s that he literally thinks it has something to do with Paris. And then Macron attacked him. So Trump goes “fuck Macron and fuck Paris, we’re out!”

That’s it.


intersecting with the stupid Facebook thread:

I hadn’t considered this justification from his supporters’ demographic. Government is bad, bigger government is worse, national governments all agreeing must be a disaster, whatever the content of the agreement. Only by keeping everyone at each others’ throats do the govts become distracted enough to let the little guys have their freeeeeeeeeeedom.


First of all, once Trump won this was a foregone conclusion. It’s not that Trump is some steely eyed maverick willing to buck international norms for doing the “right thing”, climate change denial is a feature of the Republican party (and AFAIK, there is no real comparison to any other major political party in the entire world.) Secondly, the MSM is complicit in this as they spent far more time in 2016 talking about “email behavior” and “optics” than policy and even less on climate change. (Polls also show broad support for Paris, fwiw.) Lastly, painting trump with the brush of “rebel” further leads to the normalization of his inanity (which got us here, i.e.both trump and the modern GOP.)

While it is true Paris does not go far enough, the BBC reported today that if countries meet their commitments through 2050 that results in a 1 degree change, not the .2 or whatever it is the original MIT study said (they assumed all countries would stop after 2030.)

Here’s part of a (dreaded) “tweet storm” that explains the importance of the Paris accords beyond the cynical (and wholly predictable observations from the conservative “intelligentsia” who laugh at the “left” for caring about the planet and future generations.)

(I know McMaster just penned an op-ed that extols the virtues of viewing the world through the lens of “winners and losers” and disparages the idea of a global community, but fuck him and everyone else who thinks that way.)


But seriously why the fuckchrist did the entire world get together and decide, "Hey, what if we communicated our important ideas in the least efficient way imaginable???


People hate reading? (i.e. “tweet storms” instead of blog posts.)
That or humans suck.


That’s the first sensible thing I’ve read all day.

(it’s 12:03AM)


Even that’s overthinking it.

Toddler: Lookitme! Lookitme! Lookitme!

(But the adults continue their conversation. The toddler sees a dining room table covered with stuff. Toddler tugs hard on the tablecloth and everything on the table comes crashing down.)

(Adults stare at the toddler, aghast.)

Toddler: Lookitme! Lookitme! Lookitme!


Cenc Uygur (The Young Terks) posits that Trump just doesn’t believe in Win-Win deals. Someone always wins and someone loses. Since all the other countries agreed with Obama, this clearly means they won and we lost somehow. So cancel it, until he can make a new deal so we can be sure we win and they all lose.


He really is that much of a simpleton.


Wrong. It’s going to be called the Pittsburgh Accord. And it’ll be great. It’ll be the most beautiful accord you’ve ever seen covfefe.



We all worry that someone will get Trump’s goat and he’ll send nukes flying. But who could have predicted that his nuclear war would be against France?


Nah, that’s not going to trigger nukes flying. Now, if someday Trump needs to shake Merkel’s hand and if it goes wrong, I’d look to move away from Berlin. London is probably fine, May wouldn’t try to make him look bad…


It’s not that one thing, it’s more that Macron is making it his personal quest to piss off the Donald (go Macron!). I get the feeling Macron is just getting warmed up.


I get the feeling Macron is just getting warmed up.

Him and the rest of the planet. :D


How G.O.P. Leaders Came to View Climate Change as Fake Science

NYT shows the rapid shift in Republican’s anti-climate stance changed, fueled largely by the Koch Brothers and Citizens United.

(In typical NYT fashion though they strive for “balance” by trying to blame Obama for fueling the movement.)

And just a reminder, environmental issues under assault beyond climate change:


They were always against it. I remember Rush back in the 90’s bragging about some stick made out of trees from the rainforest he bought.

Environmentalism is a “hippie” thing, so they’re against all of it.


That said…


Your regular reminder that Lindsay Graham’s “I’m actually one of the reasonable and responsible ones” act is just that, only an act. There is nothing Trump can do that he won’t rubber stamp: