We are still screwed: the coming climate disaster


Yeah, it’s sort of a dance now:

  • Trump does something stupid (or maybe the threshold is now extra-stupid, since stupid stuff happens daily)
  • Lindsey Graham goes on TV and talks about how it’s wrong and he doesn’t support it
  • John McCain goes on TV and denounces the idea as un-Presidential and espouses why he doesn’t support it
  • They both vote for it

… and we all move on to the next topic!


It’s basically LemonParty.jpg, but there’s no mutual pleasure here. Just four years of fluorescent orange Trump dick running train on the gaping holes where Graham’s and McCain’s self respect used to be.


So you’re telling us that you believe they have a chance for redemption? I like your optimism!


Oh, no, no, not at all. Just harder to continue being politically sodimized after we’ve all burned in cleansing nuclear fire.


I look forward to Trump’s next book: The Art of Reneging on the Deal.


Lindsay urged Trump to stay in the Paris accord. Are you saying that if by some miracle Trump managed to negotiate a better deal for America, you don’t want to stay in the accord?


Trump’s idea of renegotiating the Paris Accord would be to browbeat the leaders of other countries and then go online and tell the world that he has finally done what no president could do before.

All while the leaders of the rest of the countries laughed at him for being an ignorant American moron.


I don’t get all this “negotiating a better deal” business. Isn’t it all completely non-binding and voluntary? Didn’t each individual country set their own targets? Nothing was forced on anyone.


Yes, the whole GOP discourse is just plain stupid. The accord is an extremely soft gesture of acknowledgement of the problem. Withdrawing from it is a childish fuck-you to our allies and to the world in general. And of course it will do far more economic harm to the country than good.



I also don’t get the “better deal” bit, so I presume this was merely a move to make his base happy. After all, the US can follow the Accord without officially being a part of it (not saying that we would under his administration, but just highlighting how this just seems like posturing).


Geez don’t try and apply logic this is Trump after all, it is not suppose to make sense.

All I’m saying is don’t blame Lindsey for this. He urged Trump to stay in Paris accord, saying it would mean that Trump thought climate change was hoax.

So Trump pulls out and Lindsey urges him to get back in it. What else is Lindsay suppose to say?

It’s possible to believe that what Trump did is stupid, while also understanding that as a practical matter with respect to the environment, Trump saying the US is withdrawing from the agreement is not going result in a mass extinction event.


lol - fair enough


That is not what Graham said. He said this: “I support President Trump’s desire to re-enter the Paris Accord after the agreement becomes a better deal for America and business.

Graham is now accepting that the US will not re-enter until the “better deal.” Instead of resisting Trump, he’s changed his own position to accommodate Trump. While he enjoys talking tough, when the time comes to act he’s a spineless sack of goo.


So exactly what is this resistance suppose to look like? For a Republican pulling out of the Paris accord barely makes the top 10 list of stupid things Trump has done in less than 5 months.

For a national security hawk like Graham I want him to resist Trump on the anti-Republican things, he has done, like collude with the Russian, share top secret intelligence and piss off our NATO and Asian allies.

As has been pointed out we can’t pull out of the accords until 2020, and in all likelihood we will meet our target goals without the help of the Federal government anyhow.


I cannot fathom how “speeding the decay of our fragile planetary ecosystem” is not an anti-Republican matter insofar as it’s more or less an anti-human matter.


I think you’re onto something.


If by speeding you mean shooting a bb gun at the back of Abrams tank that’s 83 miles from a bridge over a slowly rising river than I agree with you.

If the Paris accord was so important than Obama should have submitted it to Congress as treaty like the constitution requires. Chuck Todd made the same point to EPA’s Pruitt on Meet the Press. I think the Trump administration should have done the same thing.

Prioritizing the amount of resources we spend on combating climate change should be a Congressional debate.


It really shouldn;t be a debate at all and I remain flabbergasted that it somehow remains one.


I mean they would’ve voted against it because he supported it. Assuming it even got to being voted on.