We are still screwed: the coming climate disaster


I agree with Ginger. There isn’t much you can do to deter that except get out of the zone for it. And the zone for that is estimated to cover most of North America.


See - Trump is playing 17-dimensional chess.


Well, at least global warming will be solved.


And I’ll never need to make a mortgage payment again, woohoo!


Make fun of living in Florida now.


Your state looks like a limp penis! Hahaha! In my state, we don’t even acknowledge the existence of genitalia!


Even if Yellowstone errupted, it wouldn’t destroy life in the continental US.
It’d mainly just fuck up midwestern farming.


Yeah, it’s not going to “destroy life” outside the immediate vicinity (which is still pretty damn large, albeit not very populated). But it will seriously fuck up agriculture. And respiration.


Luckily, most of our fruits and vegetables are grown in California and Florida, which would be largely untouched.


The biggest population hits would be Denver and Salt Lake City. But even best case we are looking at a million+ dead, and 20-30 million displaced as most of the Great Plains become uninhabitable for a few years.


Which is… a lot of the world’s food supply.


Yeah I fully expect that the biggest cause of death post caldera would not be the direct explosion, but rather mass starvation in the region after.


I feel like that’s yet one more thing the US can export. I bet we can pay more for food than some developing nation, so we could effectively starve them instead.


I’d say America would be fine, but then I remember that Americans would gouge the fuck out of the Midwest on food prices. For a region that makes a lot less than the rest of the country and would be mostly unemployed.

So most of us would be forced to drive to other states, probably with our guns to acquire the ability to survive. Good news is a lot of us would likely run out of gas before we got there because of the distances involved and the inevitable fuel shortages. Bad news is that the craziest of us would easily make it because they have half a tanker truck of gasoline stashed on their property.


Untouched by the direct explosion, other than a layer of ash, but definitely affected in the years after by the cooler climate.


Oh, to be sure… but it also won’t destroy that farming. It’d be a temporary effect, likely only lasting one season. Its impact would likely be affected by what time of the season it hit… if it happened in spring, you’d have problems. If it happened in late fall, probably not so much.

Ultimately though, this kind of stuff predicting its gonna explode happens every few years. If it does, whatever.

The worst thing is that with someone like Trump in charge, the response would likely be gummed up by the gross incompetence that permeates all aspects of his adminisrtation.


You say that like we would ever be allowed to rebuild and recover. :P


This carbon capture plant just a pilot, not at scale yet, but at least it’s a step forward!




This is fine.