We are still screwed: the coming climate disaster


Yes, this is the way the administration is playing with environmental cost vs benefit analysis. It’s the same tactics as the roll back of vehicle mpg requirements. Basically, depress the cost estimate of the pollution while jacking up the cost estimates of the improvements.


And of course when the real costs roll in all the players in the current administration will be long gone and the new Republicans will disavow any responsibility.


We need to find a way to hold these asses accountable besides just voting them out to ride out their days in comfy retirement.



Looking like climate change will impact the resource wars in the middle east


CO2 capture? Though I’m not sure what you do with it after you capture it…


You can just bury it.


Toss it in the old coal mines.


Or we could burn it again!


Circle of life!


People in the desert might want to think about getting out of the desert. It’s only going to be desert times desert in the future.

It’s like they need to import the Sardukur from Dune to run the oil refineries. Everyone else needs to vacate.


That article is not at all concerning in its details or implications and does nothing to entrench my sense that we’re looking at a full collapse within 15-20 years.


“We’re going to have to make our recycling cleaner. That means either less single-stream recycling or more public education and more stringent use of single-stream systems. Either way, you can expect recycling to get at least a little less convenient.”


Well this is going to confuse those guy who keep blocking electric vehicle charging stations!


I remember when I was a kid we put everything in separate bins, and that was fine. As an adult I went from hey you can throw glass in the giant everything bin, to we won’t even accept office or brown paper anymore to… I think i need a bigger garbage bin because all they’ll take now are my Amazon boxes and water jugs.

There’s got to be something we can do.


So much this. Except it’s not limited just to climate-related refugees and migrants.


Heh, I didn’t even know that was a thing but of course it is.


George Romero’s Land of the Dead shows us how that will go.



Key quote:

“Can be solved”…I don’t doubt it, if we’re willing to put in the time and resources to do it. Gates’ billion is good and all, but is it everything needed? Doubt it. Oh, and there could be some accidents along the way. Sounds like a “what could possibly go wrong” moment.

Having said all that, I’m actually for innovation in energy production. Even risky kinds. We need to go into it with eyes open, though, to those risks. Both the will-to-proceed kind of risk, and the straight up disaster risks.