We are still screwed: the coming climate disaster


Turning the moon into a “Deathstar” perhaps?


It’s actually really hard to launch something at the sun. It’s easier to leave the solar system.


Depending on just how long Trump remains president, we should probably be working on those plans already.


going to conflate Climate with Environment for this post:

The expected move is yet another sign of the administration’s reluctance to aggressively deal with the chemicals, which have been used for decades in products such as Teflon-coated cookware and military firefighting foam and are present in the bloodstreams of an estimated 98 percent of Americans. And it comes less than a year after the White House and the Environmental Protection Agency faced criticism for delaying publication of a health study on the chemicals, which a White House aide had warned could trigger a “public relations nightmare.”

EPA’s decision means the chemicals will remain unregulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act,…

… Federal scientists last summer concluded that PFOA and PFOS pose dangers at extremely low concentrations in a health assessment that POLITICO reported Trump administration officials initially sought to block.

EPA-mandated testing has found the chemicals at unsafe levels in at least 16 million Americans’ tap water, but activists say the problem is even more widespread.

When an advocacy group reanalyzed federal monitoring data to include lower levels of contamination, it estimated that as many as 110 million Americans may be drinking water with levels of the chemical that could cause harm. The problem is particularly acute near military bases, more than 400 of which the Pentagon suspects to be contaminated with the chemicals.


If these chemicals are used in Teflon and other non stick coatings, then are those coatings also dangerous?


Probably, though they stopped making them in America from what I gather. Of course most pans and shit are probably made in China any more, so you can pretty much assume they are using them still.


It’s generally not as safe to use non stick pans if the coating is scratched or failing. Some of the newer “green” pans, while not as good at not being sticky are safer.

Edit: side older data, it’s the heat more than the scratches :


I’m not a chemist, and so I’m not sure if they are actually including PFAS as part of the related and now unlimited chemical families of PFOA and PFOS, or if they are still trying to protect against PFAS contamination. But from what I hear, this PFAS stuff is a nightmare.


PFAS, do not want. We have been detecting GenX in the river waters here in NC for a few years, and the state and EPA is investigating and lawsuits/fines are flying. It’s come out in the last few days that one company has been IMPORTING IT from the Netherlands to “treat” it here, and it ends up in our watersheds.


Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday that he hopes global warming “comes back fast.”


For those like me who don’t know much about how jet streams and polar vortexes work, here is a short explainer I found useful about how such horribly cold conditions in the US can be linked to climate change:


Undoubtedly this new polar vortex attack will unleash fresh claims that global warming is a hoax. But this ridiculous notion can be quickly dispelled with a look at predicted temperature departures around the globe for early this week. The lobe of cold air over North America is far outweighed by areas elsewhere in the United States and worldwide that are warmer than normal.

Yeah so… my hyacinths are popping up… and it’s not even February yet. I hope we don’t get a late nasty freeze.

We should be cold and wet and freezing sometimes at night by now…


Well, then let’s shoot the stuff off into the vastness of space. QED.


Instead it’s 52 and sunny today.

Not complaining, though my wife certainly is!

We really only had a few days but below freezing overnight up here in the Willamete and Tualatin valleys. I think 4 days when there was serious frost on my car. Plenty of 40 and rainy, but it’s hit 50 the last 4-5 days.


I just really don’t want to burn for 3 months this summer, so if we can get our winter back to normal and have a spring… that would be great.


Fair enough! Those 99° days with no A/C in August were… not fun.


Meanwhile here in London last night was the first time all winter that it dropped below 0 C.


Wind Chill Warning

Northeast Iowa

cold wind chills of 40 to 60 below were occurring across the area as of 3 am this … WIND CHILL WARNING NOW IN EFFECT UNTIL 10 AM CST THURSDAY … Until 10 AM CST Thursday …

46 mins ago – National Weather Service

It late December it was 55 and raining.



In the absence of the sunflowers, the sea urchins they hunt are running amok, eating their way through the Pacific’s kelp forests. Kelp is a tagliatelle-like seaweed whose meter-tall fronds shelter vast communities of marine life. If they fall, an entire ecosystem will fall too, including several commercially important species like abalones, crabs, and countless fish.

Harvell’s team found that the sunflower’s decline coincided with abnormally strong heatwaves, and the higher temperatures rose above their usual levels, the more likely the stars were to disappear. Harvell suspects that warm waters could have either boosted the growth of whatever microbe is behind SSWD, or stressed the sunflowers, making them more susceptible to infections. “The warming didn’t necessarily trigger the outbreak, but I think it increased the impact of the disease,” Harvell says.

While the sea stars were disintegrating, on the other side of the world, two-thirds of the world’s population of saiga—a bulbous-nosed Asian antelope—dropped dead. They died without warning, in a few days, over an area the size of Florida. And it seems that they were killed by a normally harmless nasal bacterium that, thanks to an unprecedented spell of heat and humidity, infiltrated their bloodstreams and poisoned them.

It’s all the consequences that we have no clue about that are going to do the most damage.