We are still screwed: the coming climate disaster


There’s also the time element. This isn’t an issue we can kick back and develop some solid curriculum for 3rd graders about so that they’ll be prepared to deal with it when they’re 30. It’s sort of hit the point of “issue we’re already too late to stop from coming awful in our lifetime, but maybe we still can save civilization if we start five minutes ago.”

Which is why I maintain my carefully cultivated posture of “people are too fucking dumb and selfish to deserve to survive this impending doom; what is the point of hope?”


There probably hasn’t been a generation alive that didn’t experience a sense of hopelessness. Whether it was genocide, loved ones being shoved in ovens, watching others being thrown over the side of ships to drown and die, uncontrolled disease or the constant threat of nuclear war… you don’t give up hope because doing so is unthinkable.

Also, I was thinking more in colleges than kindergarten. I think the the young push environmental issues a little higher, and while trying to keep the local river clean isn’t a global change it is an awareness that can be used to encourage global understanding and change.


I resemble this remark to an extent, but I’d modify the end as “…what is the point of hoping people will change? Let’s instead pray to the Flying Spaghetti Monster that technological advances and societal changes forced by widespread misery will let the human race survive in the new reality.”


Like a range where they can shoot at radroaches with their new BB gun?


Here’s a bill for the current Congress. It died last session. Not that it has any chance of passage but we need to start somewhere. You can google the bill if you want to read the actual language (warning, that’s a bit of a chore.) The downside is this bill prohibits EPA from regulating carbon emissions for 10 years.

Letters and emails aren’t as effective as calling but the link below makes it a one click effort (fwiw my representatives - all Democrats - always respond to email in some form or fashion.)

Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act

The Bipartisan Climate Solution

H.R. 763


A small scale war with a hundred small (Hiroshima-sized) nuclear warheads would cool temps to lower than any time in the last 1,000 years, colder than the Little Ice Age or post-Krakatoa. It’d kick up enough debris that noon on a cloudless day would get the same amount of sun as a cloudy day does now, even 10 years later.

WW 2 level death toll on day 1, perhaps another billion dead from hunger in the following years.

It could happen considering recent saber rattling between India and Pakistan.

“Environmental consequences of nuclear war”:


I wonder if anyone has floated dropping nukes in a desert or other abandoned area as a means to create a small nuclear winter effect to combat climate change?


I bet Edward Teller would be working on it if he were still alive.


Much of the cooling effect is from fires started by the nuclear detonations (the cities, suburbs, nearby forests and such). Cooling effect isn’t just due to dirt knocked up by the blast; soot is the main culprit.

Almost all nuclear tests were in deserts, at sea/small islands, or tundra. So there was limited burning effects which is why open air testing didn’t dramatically affect climate.


Debated posting this but well here it is.


What what in the what now?


Yeah, I read that a few weeks ago. It really puts a scale to the genocide.


Agriculture releases CO2;.forest absorbs it.
With more than 90% of indigenous people in the new world dying, there was lots of agricultural land reverting to forest, soaking up CO2 and causing temps to drop.

I’ve also heard that the beaver trade, which wiped out beavers through vast tracts of NA, helped the little ice age, because beaver ponds release CO2 and more importantly methane.


Some good news:

“We believe now that utility-scale battery storage, from a technology standpoint, is sufficiently viable to begin to displace, if you will, what has been virtually exclusively natural gas as that flexible, ramping, backstop resource," Froetscher said.


What could possibly go wrong?

Oh, okay.


I find it amusing that the person who wants to spray salt into the atmosphere is named Salter.


“Buy my salty drone package” says Salter. “Save the world!”




This is the problem. We never are able to be sure if the medicine is worse than the disease.

It may ultimately be what we need to try, but going in with eyes open about the potential risks for sure.


Don’t forget how happy Russia is to have some warming in order to unlock some of their vast permafrost areas and northern sea routes. What technologies will they develop to nullify the salty skies technology being used to nullify the carbon warming? All war in the future will be climate war.