We Happy Few developed by Compulsion Games


Super Mario Brothers? Mushrooms kill.



The big news is that Compulsion was bought by Microsoft.


How to create a game I won’t play, put in characters with nightmarish faces like that.


They look happy to me. Luckily there’s only a few of them.


If only I was a part of that group. And maybe if you were in the group too.


Rated as R18+ in Australia!



Well at least the R 18+ certificate is working as intended! I mean, it was supposed to catch cases like this, where certain sensitive trigger topics would invoke this certificate to prevent the game from being banned outright.

Cyberpunk is definitely going to end up here too, given its overt drug use.




We Happy Few’s three main characters are Arthur Hastings, Sally Boyle, and Ollie. We’ve known of Arthur since We Happy Few’s original announcement, and the trailer showcases he’s still a handy tinkerer. He tends to build his way around a problem, whether that’s hacking into equipment or crafting makeshift weapons. Sally appears to approach enemies with a bit more stealth than Arthur. We don’t see her engaging anyone in direct combat, as she instead utilizes her drug-filled syringes to knock out guards before sneaking into restricted areas. Ollie is portrayed as loud-mouthed and crass. We see him shove off guards with his bare hands and craft a diverse set of explosives to handle large numbers of enemies. The man doesn’t seem to care whether people see him or not.


Season pass is a thing, and here is info:


Am I the only one that thinks this game is going to totally bomb?


I see that I was annoyed about this game last August. I want it to bomb so I don’t have to look at it anymore. But they keep delaying it!

The three characters above make me want to slap someone. They look so “unique” that they become trite.


No idea!

I bought in last year for <$30. I feel it was a really dumb choice to double the game price (asking $60) AND have a season pass for another $20. Dat Gearbox touch. ;)

I’ll do my best to keep you all updated. Especially you @TimJames!


I thank you. I was really intrigued by this game, until…

That is the point at which I lost interest.


Yep, nothing like drumming up interest in your game, than doubling the price everyone paid for it last year.


“Wait for a sale, tempted to say wait for a deep sale.”

He does say that there are players who’ll be enthralled by the themes here, but there are technical issues and narrative/gameplay issues that are a serious problem.


Our very own Tom W. Chick will be streaming this on FRIDAY.

Can’t wait!


I’ve been playing the review copy the last few days. I won’t get too deep into it yet, but I’m really torn on this game. The setting and story is great. The crafting sucks.