We Happy Few developed by Compulsion Games


These gimmick bundles with no game are hilarious.


So people who backed the kickstarter at $25 or whatever the low tier was, are actually gonna make out pretty good, getting the game and season pass at no extra charge.


Hearing about this game is starting to annoy me on multiple levels. Preorder hopes and dreams based on the art style and promises, obnoxious Gearbox pricing, same old season pass shit.

It’s like the dumbass in the mask is leering at me about all these things too.


I feel like we’ve done this loop before, but there are legitimate reasons to release a collector’s edition with no included game. This way they can create one SKU for all consoles and PC, plus not penalize people who wanted a digital version but probably didn’t want to rebuy the game.


Please tell me that’s a joke. That’s a joke…right?


Sadly no, and its probably like $90. :|


Try $150!


No , I thought the one with the game was $150.


My god your are right.



Hey man, lamps aren’t cheap.


Compulsion says they are “content complete” and are moving into the polish to release phase. Expected to launch this summer.

The devs are stopping early access sales until they’re closer to launch.


It sounds like the game substantially increased in scope since the initial early access release. Looking forward to see what they have in store!

And yes, good idea to stop early access sales for now.


BANNED in the country of Kangaroos.


Well, it’s probably for the best. If the game had released there Aussie players would probably just complain about the higher price anyway.

In other news, Bioshock forces you to inject all sorts of stupid shit to progress, but whatever.


Guess what other game was initially rejected by the classification board here?


Super Mario Brothers? Mushrooms kill.



The big news is that Compulsion was bought by Microsoft.


How to create a game I won’t play, put in characters with nightmarish faces like that.


They look happy to me. Luckily there’s only a few of them.


If only I was a part of that group. And maybe if you were in the group too.