We need a new B-17 Flying Fortress game with dynamic campaign

The thrill of manning a turret as FW’s come screaming in, watching each bomb hit the ground after a long trek to the target site. Need a new game to fill this void.

Well, Bomber Crew is sort of a spiritual successor.

If you like cartoon wars lol.

Yes, and in a huge box, with multiple manuals like heavy doorstops.

OK, but I want it an adventure game sequel to Catch-22

I want a game like Steel Division, but with BattleMechs. Is that really so much to ask, capitalism?

Feh, we need a new MegaFortress game first.

Yes. Fully agree! Loved that game back in the day.


@jpinard what made you come up with this thought? Not that I would mind playing such a game, just wondering.

The impact of an individual B-17 crew on the course of the war is negligable. There’s a case to be made that the entire strategic bombing effort did more harm than good for the war effort to bring the jerries to their knees.

A B-17 game could (and should!) use procedural generation for its missions but dynamicism? not so sure.

Now that I think about it, I’d really like AI that would take over a position that you vacated instead of leaving it unmanned. They don’t have to be superior, just competent.


I played a sim in the 90s that I can’t remember the title of. The plane was very similar to the B-52 (except that its tail was V-shaped, IIRC), and you could move around to different stations inside the airplane. I don’t recall a dynamic campaign, though.


That’s what I was thinking of when I wrote the above.

That’s it. I did not play much of it, since I was starting to lose interest in computer games around that time.

I understand the words. But the way you combine them makes no sense.

I was a teenager and was chasing drugs and girls instead, LOL!

Heh. When I was a teenager there were no computer games. It was easier to focus on drugs and girls then.