Weeds: Season 3

This is coming up very soon on the horizon if you’re not into poking around the big torrent sites.

If you are into poking around the big torrent sites, you might find the first two episodes up there already. Shhh. Don’t tell chet.

I am a huge Weeds fan, it’s just a show that has it all. It’s funny, touching, compelling and well-acted. Sure, it’s not really “realistic” but the nature of its fantasy is still very enjoyable.

The Season 2 cliffhangers were huge, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing how Nancy and Conrad get out of their predicament, if Silas ends up in jail thanks to his trunkload of stolen MILFweed, and if Shane ends up losing his virginity in Costa Rica to Andy’s crazy ex-girlfriend. The Andy-Abumchuk road trip could also prove to be hilarious.

I’m also eager to see just what happens to ex-councilman Doug now that he’s REALLY gone and pissed Celia off.

I don’t know where they can go this season, but I suspect Nancy being widowed a second time, and her very suspicious filing of the marriage certificate shortly before Peter’s death will raise some eyebrows at the DEA.

And for those who have not seen the show, all 22 episodes are available on Showtime’s Video on Demand.

Thanks for the tip. Huge fan of the show.

This show is so outrageously crazy. I loved the first four episodes though.

So, did anyone catch the finale of this on Monday? Awesome ending, imo. :)

Pretty mediocre season overall, the banjo during the speaking in tongues bit cracked me up though. Great ending, should have been a finale though… it’s already been picked up for a 4th season.