Weekly Little Big Planet: my kingdom for a…

Title Weekly Little Big Planet: my kingdom for a...
Author Christien Murawski
Posted in Features
When February 9, 2012

New rule: designers who don't bother to state explicitly that the level I'm about to play is a versus level should be smacked with a sackpuppet. I don't know if such a thing as a sackpuppet even exists, but I'm willing to invent one for just this purpose..

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I'm guessing you got Adayu'd. It's an expensive card, but can beat anything without the need for military. If that's not it I have no idea.

That said beating Samael is overrated. I've probably pulled it off 7-8 times in my ~120 games. Not once have I been able to draw a monster as military power. Sure I've put a few fire tyrants in my decks, even a lowly Mephit just to try and get one into play. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Avatar of the Fallen is way better IMO, at least you know his bonus will come into play.

Adayu? Whoa. I just went and looked him up thanks to you. I had no idea that guy even existed. Yeesh.

I think I need to buy the expansion card set and just spend a weekend hanging out with the cards.

Also, I think I'm going to have to agree with you about Avatar of the Fallen. Defeating him was always so gratifying in the original deck. Samael doesn't give me that same thrill. He's kind of "this monster goes to eleven."

Yeah, it sounds like that's exactly what happened. Here's a bit on Adayu:


And, Dingus, this is absolutely a way to check what happened! If you tap on the log button at the top of the screen, you can scroll back through the other player's last few turns. It shows what was played, what was acquired, what was banished, and so forth.

Yes, but is there commentary?

I know I tried exploring that log button when I first started playing this game and for some reason couldn't quite get it. I think I just got frustrated by how small the buttons are up there, and once I figured out how to reveal his constructs I just settled for that. I just went back and looked at a couple of ongoing matches and see what you're saying. That's definitely going to help.

After a match you can scroll through your opponents cards, of course. I did that last night after the match I describe above and there was Adayu sitting there at the end of the deck, mocking me.

Let me give you the key to deciphering the log, turn by turn. Hit the log and all cards played that turn pop up. Cards highlited in white are cards played out of the hand. Cards with a green outline are cards that were bought that turn. Cards with red are defeated monsters. If you buy a card, then play it in the same turn two copies show up in the log, one in green, the other in white. Cards with a yellow outline are cards discarded from play (but not to the void, just your discard pile). The purple indicates a card banished to the void.

If you are ever confused to what happened just check the log. Perhaps slow animation speed down to better follow cards played. Knowing what your opponent has, and can do, is vital. Knowing your opponent grabbed Adayu, or Cetra, or Master Dhartha is key. If they have Adayu try and speed up the game, limit his impact. Cetra buy or banish any good hero cards. Master Dhartha deny them any void banishing powers to force them to keep their apprentices.

With being in the dozen or so games I'm in the log is key. It reminds me what my opponent is doing so I can then deny them their best resources.

C Miller, that log deciphering comment is beautiful! Thank you so much for laying all that out for me. Seriously, that's a huge help.

I just took a turn in a rematch game and Adayu came up early. I got so freaked out I just banished him. I feel a little bad about that, like I'm not giving the guy a second chance or something. I don't know, maybe if he put on a shirt.

Since Tom reminded me of the log I've been paying more attention to it today. You're totally right. I've got ten or so games going and part of what happened with Samael above was the product of turn-confusion from running all those games. Hopefully learning to use the log properly will help me with strategy a lot more. The fact that I've been ignoring it, especially in the four player games I have going, is asinine.

Four player games. I got into a random one with strangers a couple weeks ago and have stayed in the rematches almost out of habit, but I don't think I like this as a four person game.

Once again, C Miller, I really appreciate you taking the time to comment and lay this down for me.