Weird - Amazon shopping cart doesn't work anymore

At least on my computer, when I go to add something to my shopping cart, I get the circley arrow thing that goes forever and never actually adds the item. Been like that since yesterday.

Clean up that browser! Did you try a different browser?

Cart works fine for me.

I don’t have any browser extensions which is why it’s so weird.

Nope not the extensions. The cache and cookies.

Alternatively I suggest CC Cleaner, I run it once a month. (Free version)

This is refreshing to hear, as someone who spent the morning trying to figure out why BigCommerce won’t add to cart for one (key) person on Firefox.

Ordering contacts from is broken this morning.

They are all just jealous of how well EGS is doing.

Tried to put a Tesla Model S in the cart this morning… got some weird error, something about “insufficient funds”. Totally broken.

Ok that got a laugh out of me today. :D

Did cleaning and no luck.


Fire up a chat with Amazon. They will help you I bet.

Funny I didn’t think about doing that. I will when I get home.

Did you get it solved, and if so, how?

I missed this thread before, but I also had that same problem about the same time that you did (also using Chrome). In my case, I just waited a few hours and tried again, and it worked. Haven’t bought anything since then, but I’ve been curious about what caused it, and wondered what they told you if you called them.

They couldn’t figure it out on my end, but a week, a full WEEK after this happened, it finally resolved (somehow) and started functioning again.

That is so strange.
Mine didn’t take anywhere near a week, but like yours, it resolved on its own (somehow). It’s the “somehow” part that puzzles me. It sounds like the trouble was on Amazon’s side, but if that were the case, I think a few more people here would have reported in.

As mentioned, one day I left my computer on all night trying to go to the checkout and it just stayed with that animation going for 12 straight hours. So maybe it was some kind of regional shopping cart thing where packets were being dropped or that specific IP or the page that contained it became unreachable.