Weird Animation (Don Hertzfeldt, David Firth etc)

Hi folks,

Occasionally on the Interwebs I’ll stumble across something a bit different.
Here are a couple of my favorite weird animated short films.
Please post yours too if you have any :)

Don Hertzfeldt is incredible. Especially his most recent short films -

It’s Such a Beautiful Day wrecked me

World if Tomorrow (part 1 and 2) are mind trips

Billy’s Balloon, too! I saw that and Rejected! at a stop on Spike and Mike’s Twisted Animation Festival [edit: Not Spike and Mike’s. Instead, the traveling roadshow movie was called “The Animation Show”.] way back in the day.

I might have seen “Aria” there for the first time too, unless it was on PBS. It’s a wrenching adaptation of Madame Butterfly, and not quite safe for work.