Werewolves Within: what if Ubisoft did Clue, but with Sam Richardson and the AT&T girl?

Wait, the show got cancelled or Milana Vayntrub got cancelled? Because I just saw her in a low-budget remake of Clue called Werewolves Within. While she’s lovely enough for a memorable five-second sequence dancing around in a low-cut shirt to the one song they could afford to license, and while she can hold her own doing playful banter with the awesome Sam Richardson (who’s an extremely generous actor!), I don’t think she’s lead material for a superhero series. I guess it would have come down to the squirrels. Are we talking dopey CG squirrels, or actual live action squirrels? If it’s the latter, I’d be there just to watch the logistics of squirrel wrangling. From @forgeforsaken’s picture, it looks like the squirrel is a puppet?

But I’m guessing you mean the show was cancelled, so we’ll never know.

All this reminds me that I should boot up Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and see if they’ve added any new stuff in the last several months. For all I know, there might be playable Squirrel Girl in there now!


Wait, what?

He’s talking about Werewolves Within, which is based on the Ubisoft game of the same name (and produced by them as well).

It was OK, if not entirely predictable.

Gotcha. I thought we were getting into 1985 movie Clue territory, which would be heresy.

Well, as a whodunit I would classify it as “Clue adjacent.” I personally don’t think it was a straight ripoff, but it’s been some time since I saw Clue (or played it).

Werewolves Within is definitely not as quotable or fun to watch as Clue.

Oh, absolutely, I didn’t mean to imply Werewolves Within was a literal Clue remake, even though that’s what I wrote. Sloppy wordage on my part. But it’s clearly in the spirit of the Clue movie. License some dumb game and throw a lot of talent into a clumsy “whodunnit?” comedy that has fuck-all to do with the actual game. In the case of Clue, the cast’s talent carries it almost effortlessly. Despite a few bright spots in the cast – mainly Richardson – that’s absolutely not the case with Werewolves Within.


You’re not wrong overall, but to be fair, this wasn’t someone licensing some dumb game. Ubisoft financed and produced the movie themselves.

And you’re also right about Richardson, who can do no wrong.

How does that matter? I’m not trying to correct you or anything, I’m just wondering how Werewolf Within’s relationship to its videogame is any different from Clue’s relationship to its boardgame. How did that manifest itself onscreen? Because to be honest, as I was watching Werewolves Within, based on the Ubisoft logo upfront, I assumed it was an adaptation of Telltale Games’ episodic werewolf adventure game (Ubisoft didn’t even publish those, but at the time, I didn’t know that). It was only after it was over that I realized it was supposedly based on an iteration of the werewolf parlor game!


Oh, I don’t think it actually changes your critique at all, I was just being pedantic I guess.

This was the best part of the whole movie which dragged pretty much after all the main characters were introduced. My god she is a sexy lady though!