West Side Story (2020) - Spielberg, Jets, Sharks

December 18th, 2020.

I saw this in the theater once. With live actors, I mean. I couldn’t follow the story because I was bored beyond belief, and I didn’t care for the songs.

This will be a true test for Mr. Spielberg. He’s always been really good at making entertaining films no matter what the subject matter. But can he make West Side Story entertaining to me?

If you didn’t even like the songs, then I doubt Spielberg is going to be able to do anything to change your opinion. The songs are the songs.

My question is whether or not Rita Moreno makes a cameo.

Edit: Oh! She’s an EP on this!

Hopefully she doesn’t have to blackface this time around.

I can understand not liking the songs and being bored, but you couldn’t follow the story? It was Romeo and Juliet. What’s not to follow?

Uh-oh. I can foresee being compelled to go see this.

I wonder why Spielberg is remaking this? Seems pretty solid already.

The original movie is a classic so it will be interesting to see how this remake is received. I have to admit, it will be nice to see Latino actors playing Latino characters this time around.

Wonder how Speilberg will handle the attempted rape scene. That scene always felt a bit dark in a story where gangs sing and dance and throw tomatoes at each other.

I hope one of the Sharks is named Bruce.

Not the most common Puerto Rican name.

A very common shark name, however.

Second most common, I think. Right after Jaws.

You monster.

Wonder who they’ll cast for the most important role, Officer Krupke?

I know I’m a weirdo for being a Spielberg hater, but dear lord, the source material is schmalzy and on-the-nose enough. I shudder to think about 150 minutes of a sepia-toned baseball bat to the face about how VIOLENCE is WRONG and LOVE is EVERYTHING.

Yeah but just wait until the aliens invade and they’re all BWAAAAMP and then Tom Cruise shows up to save everybody! That will be so kickass.

Does anyone under 40 even know this?
I predict a flop…

I bet the special effects for this movie are going to be awesome.

I agree. While the basic story – Romeo and Juliet - is timeless, the specific setting, characters, lyrics, dialogue, and costumes are all so of the specific time period – late 50’s - early '60s – that I don’t see a modern audience relating to it.

This really seems to be a waste of Spielberg.