WH40K: Chaos Gate

D’HOFFRYN: (low) Behold, D’Hoffryn. Lord of Arashmahar. He that turns the air to blood and rains - (turns to Willow, speaking normally) Miss Rosenberg. How lovely to see you again. Have you done something with your hair?

WILLOW: Hello, D’Hoffryn.

D’HOFFRYN: I figured I’d be hearing from you soon. The flaying of Warren Meers? Oh, truly inspired. That was water cooler vengeance. Lloyd has a sketch of it on his wall.

WILLOW: That’s not me anymore.

My Chaos Gate got destroyed in a water logged move many years ago. I miss the game greatly. Never got to finish it as my campaign bugged out and would never progress past a certain mission without a CTD

I really loved this game, but I tried to install it a few years back and couldn’t get it to run. It crashed a lot.

But man I had fun with this the first time around.

So, I was actually curious as to the historical accuracy of this game, and was searching on Amazon for things titled Codex: Space Marines and whatnot. Some website says that the 6th edition rules are coming out soon and the codices/codexes will be in hardcover! I can put them on my shelf right next to the World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game sourcebooks. I seriously wish there were more 40k turn-based stuff on the PC. Final Liberation preceded this, right? I guess it wasn’t so final. That CD must be buried in some storage box.

I can see why this doesn’t have a lot of replayability - I am already remembering stuff from the first time I played it, even though it has been 13 years. But I don’t see it as a direct competitor to X-COM, because I’m playing it for the Warhammer element, not the tactical turn-based element. I guess I just like looking at Space Marines.

By the way, the game has been doing some weird things even in compatibility mode, but hasn’t crashed to desktop on me yet. We’ll see.


I was recently going through my old boxes of games and found Shadow Watch. Cool game.

Chaos Gate, sadly, seems to have disappeared unless it’s sitting around boxless in a jewel case. What I remember about it was that it was a bit irritating to get a mission ready to go – lots of fiddling in screens to give each trooper weapons and whatnot.

My younger brother was a huge Chaos Gate fan. I liked the game, and loved the little cheesy details that captured the feel of 40k. (“The Emperor orders you to die!”) But the game suffered some annoying problems. In addition to the non-random designs of the campaign maps, vehicles and Dreadnoughts were poorly implemented, which, as a fan of the setting, was a big bummer.

But my least favorite parts of the game involved experience and gear. The experience system strongly encouraged you to play all of the “random” missions to level up, but those missions tended to be both easier and less interesting than the “story” missions. And the game didn’t automatically loot zones when a mission ended; instead you had to wander the map looking for important items you might otherwise have missed.

That said, these problems should not discourage anyone with a proper computer set-up from trying the game; the first play through is a lot of fun.

Man I hated Shadow Watch. I loved Chaos Gate though - warts and all. I still keep a VM partition solely to run it.

Well hey, it works just fine in Win 7 with Win95 compatibility like Bruce said. Unfortunately it looks pretty rough on a 1920x1200 LCD monitor. The best I could do was 1024x768, scaled to aspect ratio, with 50% zoom. That widens up the field of view but makes the graphics look even grainier. I thought about 800x600 for simple pixel doubling. Unfortunately that makes the edge scroll overly sensitive. Oh well, it seems playable the way I have it.

It’s still kind of finicky. It didn’t like Nvidia Control Panel running in the foreground. But if I minimized to the systray, it no longer crashed. Whatever works!

I think I’ll run through this until I get bored.

“Blood for the Blood God!” Man I loved this game. Wish it were on GOG so I can throw my money at it.

Is it bad to lose units in this game? Two of my tactical marines got killed on mission 2. I knew about smoke grenades but didn’t check all the angles correctly.

That was fairly badass. The game is just X-COM tactical battles plus WH40K. It works. The campaign is a bit uneven though. Some scenarios made me dread having to drag 18+ space marines around, time units and all. I asked myself whether I really wanted to spend my time on it. But then I’d get to a great open scenario, with Assault Marines zooming behind enemy lines, a Dreadnought mowing enemies down, and my Terminators smashing multiple Chaos Terminators with their thunder hammers.

I played it on easy difficulty so I could skip the optional missions and not feel like I was falling behind the experience curve. The tradeoff was to play Ironman no matter what happened. It worked out great. I lost quite a few units, including a handful of Terminators. But I had enough to finish the campaign.

My favorite line: the ever melodramatic, I die! Haha.

Agreed. It’s amazing how that simple combination can just stand for a lot of great gameplay. I wonder which direction the new Armageddon game will take this. Hopefully not too far from that formula.

Man, you’re making me want to play the whole campaign now.

Did patches eventually make this stable? I remember having the hardest time trying to get through missions due to bugs way back when.

I don’t remember ever crashing while playing. Maybe once or twice. It did crash a lot when I first loaded a save and immediately went into combat. For some reason, I had to load a save that was already in combat, and then load the save that gave me trouble.

There were also a handful of times when I hit end turn and the game spun in an infinite loop. I could use some of the interface but not all of it (like to quit or reload).

Fortunately, it autosaves before each turn. I never felt frustrated about losing too much progress.


I played through the first two mission of the GOG release. They fixed the cultist bug, but I am getting a CTD when I try to loot corpses.

I’m getting a lot of lag with the mouse cursor and can’t drag select at all. I can’t find a solution on the net. Anyone have the same problem and found a solution? This is on Windows 10.

Will that one work without crashing on Windows 10?

pretty stoked for this one. tried so hard to get it to run over the years since

I just saw this today too. Really liked the original, then went thru all the pain everybody else did in this thread trying to replay it years later. I hope they do it justice, and that it holds up against more modern games as well, like wasteland 3, or even the more combat focused gears tactics, which had some cool boss battles.