What action movie with a female lead am I thinking of?


For the life of me I can’t remember either the name of the movie nor the name of the actress. I think she was some kind of MMA fighter turned actress/movie star. Don’t think it was Rhonda Rousey because I didn’t recognize the name of the film from her filmography in her Wikipedia entry. Pretty sure the movie came out within the last 10 years.


This one?


YES, thank you!


Yay! 56



This is the one you should have been thinking of:



“There’s no smoking in here.”

I really love this movie.


“Oh my God there’s a deer in the car.”


“Guess it can’t be Gina Carano’s thighs every movie” - Kelly Wand, finishing the Prometheopsis (32:15, if you’re curious)


This bit of information pleases me greatly, @rhamorim!



“I don’t like loose ends.”


It pleased me greatly, too! :D


Is this in reference to Haywire or Lady Bloodfight?


This would be a reference to Haywire as I have not seen the other one yet. I realize I’m in the minority, but damn I love Haywire.


“Hey. Wonder Woman. You said your piece. Now sit back and shut up.”


Haywire is my second-favorite Steven Soderbergh movie!


Ooh ooh, is your favorite Solaris? That’s my favorite!


Nope, it’s The Informant!


I guess Steven Soderbergh really likes exclamation points!


You are awesome, @rhamorim.


I stand with Dingus.


Actually, you are the awesome one here, @marquac . ;)


And you’ll have my axe. Haywire is terrific.