What did you ding dongs do to the rest of the internet?

I participate on an RC airplane forum. I wrote a post tonight and some jerk responded to me the way I would expect some of you turd-burglers to respond. The guy called me names, snarked me, and generally acted like Bitterman or something.


The RC airplanes site has NO BUSINESS being anything like here. If I want meanies like DrCrypt to bust my balls I’ll come here and post inane threads about topics you guys don’t care about and generally make a nuisance of myself. Why can’t a guy talk about RC airplanes in peace?


Personally I think you guys are out sabotaging the internet or something. Sometimes Cathcart tells me that there are actually forums that are meaner than here but I don’t believe that for a second.

This place is tame. Seriously.

That is, unless you wander into P&R. It’s like the seventh circle of Hell, or something.

The only consistent part of the two equations is you, Spoofy.

I like P&R. What would Q23 be without P&R. It’s like liberal talk radio except less funny and less profitable.

Maybe if you Paypal DrCrypt some money, he can go over to the other forum and flame the guy for you. :twisted:

The rest of the intarweb is fucking crazy. We’se all gennulmens here, especially in P&R. (Except for those right wing fuckers… :wink: )

no link? this is a made up story without any basis in fact.

no, i am not saying this just to see a post where someone gets called names and snarked*.

[size=1]this is a lie[/size]

I bet it is Cathy looking over your shoulder. He has registered on that forum and is getting your goat as the kids like to say.

On a side note: RC plane forum…tee-hee. Were the wood burning and ice sculpting message boards not accepting new members?

Ha! So true. Maybe it’s me ruining the internet.

Nah. Well, I guess I’ll just stick around and hope that you all get banned from the Internet by Vint Cerf.

I’m guessing, because of dudes like you.