What do you remember that shows your age?


Pinkos. Ambrosia is as American and tasty as a homecoming queen.

I won’t stand for this kind of Communist subversion on my forum.




The problem here is the awful coconut and that people put flakes of it in otherwise okay dishes. This is basically a fruit salad, a basic, cool whip based fruit salad, and it’s still served today.


You dislike all coconut or just the dry flakes of it?


Dried bagged coconut flakes are Satan’s dandruff.


I am pretty sure it’s just the flakes. I have vague memories of having fresh coconut, and it was fine. It’s texture more than the taste. I don’t mind coconut oil or even coconut milk. It’s been years since I’ve had fresh coconut, so I am not sure anymore. Not a fan of shredded either. German Chocolate cake gets a haircut when I eat it.

I was going to reference that too, but I thought it might be a little too gross. heh.


But always on a damned birthday cake if your birthday is in late March. Youth…



Thats the best part!


And that is at the top of sister’s list too. I always told the family to just make it; I’ll scrape off the frosting and still get chocolate cake which i do like.The family always manages to claim my mound of frosting I scraped to the side.

It’s not gag inducing or anything it’s just so so unfortunate.


My mother used to always make ambrosia for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I too probably haven’t had any in 20 years as my mother died in 2001.

She also would make pistachio salad (kind of a jello concoction). My wife learned to make that one and we still have it.


Pistachio Jell-O salad! Also known as Watergate, also known as green fluff. I don’t like Ambrosia, but I love eating green fluff and it’s, like, the only thing I know how to make.

Cool Whip, marshmallows, pistachio flavored dry Jell-O mix, and crushed pineapples and maybe Mandarin oranges too. Yum. (Detailed recipe upon request, but that’s pretty much it.)


That’s the stuff. :)


Ooh I think I remember that. I never ate it though, because it looked disgusting.


Are we eating the stuff of Chinese Emperors when we eat these tiny oranges? They’re delicious!

I have eaten
the Mandarin oranges
that were in
the icebox

and which
you were probably
for breakfast

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold


Some of you people are weird. Shredded coconut is awesome, and makes everything better.

Well, maybe not bacon. Or booze. But most other things.


That is straight up wrong.


I grew up with this stuff. So much so, that we referred to it in my family as “pink stuff” or “green stuff,” depending on which type of jello mix you used. I also recall it having cottage cheese in it.

Pretty much every family reunion or other gathering, someone brought “pink stuff” or “green stuff.” Usually my mother, because she was a terrible cook, hated to cook, and it is very easy to make (basically dump a bunch of canned/prepackaged stuff in a bowl and stir).


It is thought the ‘normal’ orange we know of is an ancient cross between a pomelo (like a huge fat grapefruit-orange) and a mandarin orange.

I also hated shredded coconut in pastries and whatever, always tasteless stuff until I learned the trick. You gotta toast up the flakes on a pan a few seconds, it really brings out flavor.


Toaster oven also works.


When we were kids (1960’s and 1970’s), Mom made us these awesome crepes with brown sugar rolled up inside. I have never been able to find the recipe for them, but here’s a photo of a close approximation (IIRC, Mom’s were much thinner and not quite so eggy):

Photos from this page.
I haven’t had them in like 45 years. My sister supposedly has the recipe though, so I may need to start bugging her to make some.