What do you remember that shows your age?


At fairs are the only place I know where to get them.

I think they’re quite different from that actually.


If we have a fancy bakery around here, I don’t know where. We have one bagel place I know of, one. I remember when a former co-worker asked me about that, and I was like yeah one, and two of our larger donut places died too.


Repeating items that i probably already mentioned up above shows my age!

Jiffy popcorn was a thing with the foil pan that would expand - it was just such fun when you were a little kid.

The Ice Cream Truck like Good Humor ringing the bell and everyone including your grandparents would run around trying to find change and giving their order for their most favorite item.

I remember the trucks that were actual rides (like the giant rocker) that would come down the block in Brooklyn. Anyone remember those?

I remember when I learned that the Milkman could deliver chocolate milk - that was a major revelation. And wondering why we never ordered it? Chocolate Milk delivered?

Bosco Chocolate Syrup I guess that was in the Northeast - not sure if it is around anymore.


You need to come to Canada. Beaver tails can be found in many places. They are flat fried dough with a sweet topping.


This stuff still exists, though I don’t think many use Jiffy Pop in the age of microwave popcorn.

So I thought of something else. The mosquito spray trucks that would roll down the street and expel poison clouds behind them. We would dance into the streets to smell the spray. We were stupid.


Bungalow Bars, too.

Sounds like we grew up around the same time and place. Where in Brooklyn?


Oh yeah. When you are little you ride on the bottom. As you get older you work your way up. Finally you get to ride on the top row. The first time is scary, especially when the operator makes it ‘bump’ by swinging it hard and having it bottom out. Originally it was The Half Moon. Later The Frankenstein.


Rod Steward singing about some woman and her lines on her face


I thought it was the lines on Triggercut’s face. :)


Flatbush; Lived on Ocean Ave between Ave N & O. About two blocks away from Kings Highway.


We also had Gypsy Moths helicopters and trucks spraying everything and everyone back when they were killing all the trees.


Kensington. East 3rd Street between Ave C and Cortelyou.


Played Little League Baseball - I think it was Prospect Park or maybe it was Marine Park.

That reminds me:

Stick Ball!

Chinese Handball:
If I remember correctly you played along a wall with the sidewalk boxes. The winning player was at the first spot and you were called the Ace. I think it was called Chinese Handball because we often played by the Chinese Laundry store with a good wall with no windows.

Stoop Ball:
We played this all the time when we were kids. Maybe this was mentioned up above somewhere.


I was going to mention stoop ball. How about skully (sp?). The game where you skimmed bottle caps into boxes in numerical order.

I grew up on 51st & Winthrop and after graduating WIngate HS we moved to Gerritson & V, right next to the Flame.

And Brennan & Carr (Nostrand and U) had the best roast beef sandwiches in creation. I think it’s still there.


How about flipping baseball cards? We also played Kick the Can and Prisoner with flashlights at night.

One of the biggest things that is different now from when I was a kid is that we played outside, every day, all year. There wasn’t the fear of stranger danger, of being kidnapped, etc. I remember walking five blocks to school alone when I was in first grade. That was normal.


Flipping baseball cards I remember, but not Prisoner.

When I was a kid I had really bad allergies, to the point where I had to get shots every week in the Summer and every other week the rest of the year. My mother tired of having to take me, so when I was 11 or 12 she decided I could take the bus myself to get my shots.

Today someone would call CPS on her.


When you wanted to get rid of your car you left it under the train trestle around the corner from my grandma’s house on east 15th street. It would be stripped clean by the morning. I suppose you would collect the car insurance? You could walk safely through that area as a kid. That was back in the 60s.


That’s like 8 streets from my grandpa.

We played chinese handball in high school in ~1990! We called it Chinese handball and it had to bounce once on the floor so it was valid. We played in the cafeteria so I guess that’s the only way to make it travel less. Some kid invented a double bounce variety later on, but I forget the name.


Shooting bottle rockets on the metal streetlights.p in Brooklyn. They used to have this indentation that was perfect . You leaned the bottle rocket in the crevice on the light pole and it would follow the light pole straight up.


Thank you!

Yes, you reminded me about the one bounce. If someone missed hitting it you went to the bottom of the line and everyone shifted to the left. The Ace has to protect his/her position.


We played touch football in the street all year long, even in the winter. Pausing only when a car would come along.