What first game for a new PC?

Only Supreme Commander has a unit limit and I have reached it many times without crashing. You’d probably need to play Planetary Annihilation until it becomes a picture show which shouldn’t take very long because the game runs like total ass.

Oh, thanks for reminding me. SupCom was in fact one of the first games I tried out on my new PC, but at the time it was super laggy, which the forums seemed to attribute to an Nvidia graphics driver patch issue. So I put it down and haven’t looked at it again since. Just checked it now and it’s perfectly smooth!

Edit: Seems like the fix was recent, in the 466.11 drivers. So if you have issues, check you have those installed.

Nice. I had it installed on my old machine to occasionally play with friends, but my computer was definitely the slowest among them and slowed everyone down. We haven’t played in a few years.

Here’s how to play the game online these days:

(Basically installed FA Forever once Forged Alliance is installed).

Another useful list of games that I contribute to:


Maybe you can run Crysis (2007) at max settings.

Metro: Exodus looks nice on a new graphics card. So does Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

If only it made it a fun game!

Which one? I stalled out on both. 😅

Edit: Oooh, what about Control? It looks great with an RTX card.

Control starts off really slow. And looks fairly uninteresting at the start.

I’m sure it gets better, I should just bite down on something and try to push through the starting boring parts.

I’ll leave it up! But I haven’t played Metro Exodus and thought 2033 was gripping.

Control had me on the edge of my seat right from the start. Office buildings, especially government ones, are the very construct of nightmares to me!

Re: Control

I’m sure I’ll learn more as the game keeps going if I get deeper in but it is a strange way to start the game when I’m fighting er… unknown enemies, for … unknown reasons, and my character is… er… a redhead? That’s all I know. This kind of completely context-less start is a bit strange.

The graphics are pretty amazing. Metro 2033 is fun and compelling. The book it’s based on is a great read, too.

I agree, it’s a bit too cinema influenced for its own good. That sort of structure doesn’t work for me in games (it bores me already in movies), and I was slightly annoyed by it. The setting was still nightmarish to me.

Control’s gameplay starts off really weak, literal run and gun pee shooter (pew pew pew), but only gets better and better. I’d say once you get all the guns and powers you are there. You need to think of it like System Shock 2 I guess where you are just wielding a wrench for hours.

What you level first and when you encounter bosses though has the Dark Souls problem, in that the boss will either be too easy or too hard depending on your build and when you encounter it. (but like 80% of the bosses are completely optional)

Once I started firing the starting weapon bangbangbangbang it felt more enjoyable than when I’d been more carefully aiming. I never felt that was replaced by later powers though I know others did.