What Games Are You Looking Forward To In 2020?

I am trying to find a cloud to yell at!

I’m not being snarky when I say that Rebel Galaxy: Outlaw probably leads the 2020 list for me. I’m not trying to reignite that debate here, but that is my strong feeling. Other contenders include Camelot Unchained and Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen (both of which seem likely to slip into 2020, but who knows).

Normally, Starfield/ ESVI would be the unquestioned king of the mountain for me. But F076 moved Bethesda firmly into the “approach with extreme caution” category.

In the event that this is not anti-Epic store snark, it’s already out & quite fine- finished it on Xbox in December

Yeah @Appleseed I am aware. ;)

This looks like it could be interesting:

Good day to update your 2020 lists.

Updated my list due to the manyyyyy announcements at Gamescom.

Added helpful links to the first post.

Spire of Sorcery
Gloomhaven (out in very early access now)
Six Ages: Ride like the Wind (for PC)
The Iron Oath
Alliance of the Sacred Suns (was out in early access, will be again)
Wizards and Warriors (out in questionable early access for some time now)
Iratus (out in early access)

It is kind of crazy how much stuff has been announced for 2020 already. It’s going to be chock full of game releases big and small. It will be pretty crowded. No doubt some stuff will get delayed into 2021.


Aww yissss!

  • DCS F-16 Viper
  • Cyberpunk
  • Vampire masquerade

New DOOM was moved to 2020, anything else in the last few months moved?

I don’t have a list yet! It’s pretty easy though.

Cyberpunk 2077
Bloodlines 2
FF 7 Remake (if the turn based combat is real)
Animal Crossing - Switch

Not sure about the fall schedule but I don’t think a PS5 is in the cards.

The only benefit to this thread being bumped is so I could remember to mute it. The Steam-only / anti-Epic slant is so tedious.

looks around for the anti-Epic slant I posted

I can find nothing.


How dare I!

Wait, wait, wait, you think Blizzard is going to announce Diablo 4 AND release it within a year and 3 months?

I don’t know if that’s optimistic or delusional.

I wrote that in February you bastard!

ES6 is probably 2022.

I think Starfield will be 2022, ES6 probably 2024.