What happens if Vivendi takes over Ubisoft

In the past I had disliked Ubisoft for quite some time, but I’d come around and was starting to like a lot of what Ubisoft is about and what they’re doing… but now it appears Vivendi is doing everything in their power to perform a hostile take over of the company. If Vivendi does this, could they shut down some of Ubisoft’s studios? Could it wreck morale and mess up priorities? I would hate to see any of that.

If they do, I’m sure we’ll be seeing


Riding around on the next E3.

But I guess, if EA does it instead… we’d get Death.

All for it if it would meant UPlay went away. (I know that won’t happen.)

I think Ubisoft is in some sort of dead spiral, even if is not apparent at the moment.

Blizz is successful but maybe somebody want they to make worse games and to release them in a sort period?, Ubisoft kinda do that, release games very fast, even if they are derivative and not very original and sometimes very buggy (despite probably having a lot of testing)

Hard to say, really. Ubisoft is weird. On the one hand, they’re the most cynically commercial of all the publishers, with the relentless annualisation of major franchises, the recycling of open world mechanics, and these shitty brand extension movie/tv spin-offs. On the other hand, they create new IPs more frequently than any other big house and still occasionally let their studios put out weird indie-esque projects like Grow Home or From Dust that EA or Activision would never deign to fund. I imagine the latter would disappear under Vivendi, but who knows. They seem to be determined to get back into gaming now but I don’t know if they’ve ever articulated a vision as to why (even a commercial one).

Whatever, just as long as my guilty pleasure Assassin’s Creeds keep coming.

I don’t know why, but I don’t even mind the uplay anymore. Maybe because it has worked fine for the past year for me and it seems like everyone does their junk too which is even more pointless (Tropico/Kalypso).