What I want to see in a MMORPG

I was reading the UO Age of Shadows thread (which I recently signed back up to and like to a certain extent) and it got me to thinking about what I’d like to see in a MMORPG.

I know MMORPGs aren’t the big new thing as they were a year or two ago and many have died on the operating table, but I still think there could be a great market for a great MMORPG (we have yet to see a great MMORPG).

Some Pipe Dream Ideas…

  • I would like to have the ability to have a store that advertised what I was selling at a glance (unlike UO vendors where you have to examine EVERYTHING to determine if there is something you might want) and have that store be around when I wasn’t…
  • Have ways to make decent money to live on (in the game) readily available. What’s the biggest problem with MMORPGs today? If you don’t spend your life playing them, you don’t get most of the cooler loot in the game. More ways for the hour or two a day player be able to get into the world and be involved. This would make mules unnecessary
  • Player run cities. Not cities they create, but actual cities that are in the game that can be owned and run as the group that has them sees fit. Like shadowbane is trying to do, but from all reports I’ve heard so far, they are failing miserably.
  • Quests with NPC that are as detailed as some of the better single player RPGs. You should be able to not only change your ‘faction’ in game, but also your social standing, your trade abilities, etc, etc with NPCS. A world that is more alive.
  • A system in the game that is similar to ICQ or Instant Messenger that allows me to easily communicate with friends, see who’s online, etc. Pretty much a half way decent interface on DAOC. Just because we’re in a game doesn’t mean we can’t have a real GUI.


Let’s not forget realistic sexual reproduction in MMORPGs. Whatever happened to Part II in that ongoing series?