What if SNL mocked Michelle Obama?

Just in case Pat’s face time on MSNBC and blasting of the Bush administration made you forget that he’s kind of an old crank.

It’s mostly about the media’s double standard, but my favorite part has to be…

Double standard? Is Michelle Obama her husband’s running mate?

Buchanan is a kook.

Yeah, what if?

I just realized that this probably coulda just been posted under Dirt’s thread.

'Cept whereas Dirt is agreeing with the douche he’s linking to, I ain’t.

If she was as mind numbingly stupid as Palin, I’m sure they’d do it more.

As Dirt points out, that argument is totally illogical. If SNL starts mocking Cindy McCain and Todd Palin, then sure, it’s a double standard to not go after Michelle Obama. But comparing the stuff about Sarah Palin with Michelle Obama is not a fair argument to make.

That said, SNL has done a poor job, IMHO, this year simply because they don’t have either a good Obama or McCain impersonation. Their best shots, by far, have been on Palin, Hillary, and Bill.

SNL is just going to have to hire someone who can do Obama. Armisen has the cadence, but his voice isn’t really deep enough. Plus, (mild) blackface.

True, but Michelle Obama has more foreign policy experience than Palin.

Pat was frothing at the mouth on Rachel Maddow’s show the other day. I think it’s Fear of a Black Planet.

I don’t think the candidates are as easy to ridicule this election. Bill’s scandals and Bush’s malapropisms were easy to make fun of. But I can’t really recall the Kerry impersonation and the only thing I’ll ever remember about the Al Gore bit was “lockbox” ( although they did a really good job of mocking that ). McCain and Obama just aren’t that funny, either.

They aren’t, so you go with that. The way to play Obama is to make him the straight man in the skit, and have the silly stuff going on around him (like Jason Bateman in Arrested Development). I’m not sure the SNL writers can handle that sort of nuanced comedy writing, though. They pretty much just do goofy stuff, normally.

I am not really sure how they would mock her. She seems to be a highly intelligent, well rounded woman. Slim pickin’s for comedy writers.

For me the easiest way to mock Obama is to highlight how incredibly cautious he can be. Make a skit that puts him in situations where he has to make relatively uncontroversial choices (Ginger vs Mary Ann or whatever), and watch him hyper nuance the answer to death.

Or, play up the hopey rhetoric, again applied absurdly to very small situations (Obama makes a big speech about hope vs fear when deciding to grab an umbrella in the morning when rain is forecast, or ordering Taco Bell, that kind of thing).