What induces nerd rage in you?




No ‘e’ in potato. Carry on.


Noel in Christmas.

I’m sorry. I recently met a guy who hates puns and so this is where my mind is at. Carry on.


if it was good enough for Dan, it’s good enough for me. And it is an olde-world correct spelling, and i’m old and British (and slightly dyslexic - did i spell that correctly?).

Is there anything worse than an american telling an englishman how to spell their own language? Well sure, plenty…but still ;)

And i hope you remembered to put your pants on under your trousers today, mr american.


Pants go over under pants.

With Regards,
The North


bloody northerners! ;)

(…and that is for real right? you call them pants (for trousers) in the north too…i did not know that, is that the ‘source’ of the Americanisation perhaps?)


Nah, Benjamin Franklin*, at the Stamp Act Congress, proposed that all garments for the legs produced in these thirteen colonies be called pants, and that trousers would only apply to garments made in England. This to stick it in the eye of King George, as having entire colonies walking around wearing the newly named pants would no doubt be an embarrassment to him.

In fact it is little known that the Declaration of Independence was sent with a package containing one pair of pants and a note that simply said ‘Pants, pants, pants, pants, pants’ over and over for 3 pages.

*not a word of this is true, obviously. It just amuses me to think we call them pants as a way to needle the Brits. I’ve no idea where we get it from.


Saint Pantaleone is disappointed in you all.


As an American, I feel comfortable correcting you on this.


That was pretty interesting, thanks (and yes indeed it seems potatoe does not have an e officially, but has been spelt that way for a while around the place).


Yeah. I get ridiculed about it all the time when I say pants in reference to some trousers. But it was a normal thing to say in Lancashire. I simply point out that a) under pants go under your pants, and b) pantaloons.

I also seem to get flak for having gone to a High School, which southerns think only exist in the US, even though practicslly every single secondary school in Lancashire bears the term ‘High School’ in the name. And then they don’t seem to understand when I claim this middle school thing is nonsense.


Southerners are the worst my friend. In the west country i didn’t know what a pair of trousers were until my 16th birthday, we just use hessian sack cloth and baleing-twine for the most part.


No ‘e’ in baling. ;)


It’s it nerd rage, or regular rage, when i hear someone say “bromance”?


When Han Solo makes the Kessel run in 12 parsecs.

A parsec is a unit of distance, not time. EVERYONE would make the Kessel run in 12 parsecs, that’s how far it is!


Por que no los dos?


I thought I heard somewhere that the better the navigation system, the more efficient the route it could calculate, thus the shorter the distance. I’m not a Star Wars fiend, but I assume the Kessel run is particularly dangerous and full of obstacles


There was some EU stuff at some point about how there are a bunch of black holes that smugglers skirt around to avoid Imperial patrols, and doing the run in less distance = a more daring pilot/better-equipped ship.

That said, I’m confident that Lucas or whomever wrote that line did not think it through to that extent.


I think there’s a retcon to explain this – something about warping space-time by going near a black hole or singularity or something that would make the physical distance shorter (but at greater risk). You’re right, though, that Lucas probably didn’t know the difference between a parsec and some parsley.

EDIT: Adam beat me to the punch – by about 12 parsecs.


2 minutes, actually. ;)