What induces nerd rage in you?


Also, re: the thread topic:

All commercials, ever. Aren’t we past this as a society yet?


Reading this, suddenly Tommy Wiseau’s understanding of football makes a lot more sense.


I was going to go with “Your Super Bowl champions, ladies and gentlemen.”


The main reason that I have to replace remotes is because I wear out the mute button.


Well since we are not currently living in a post-scarcity society in a state of perfect individual omniscience… no, we are not past it yet.


Do you ever think of the remote as a magic wand for a huge, flat crystal ball?


I do…now.


Hate it when people can’t back up their opinions without logic and examples.




In this computer age where so many things are controlled in a GUI and you have the ‘bubble’ to tic or the ‘box’ to check… HOW THE FUCK can someone justify writing instructions and phrasing it thusly…

In order to blah blah blah, navigate to the screen in question and check off the box for McGuffin. Check off? Is that a colloquial “check off” as in ‘check it off your list’ where I should add the check mark? Or does “check off” here mean to remove or take off the check mark?



They probably mean [I]Chekhov[/I], as in Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, a Russian playwright and short story writer who is considered to be among the greatest writers of short fiction in history.


LOL! So it wasn’t a McGuffin; it was Chekhov’s Gun all along…


Hehe. Yeah, that irritates me too Peach. I write end user help documents and sometimes my mind wanders, and I find myself writing instruction just like I would tell a person, pretty much just what you described, but I highly doubt whatever you’re reading was my work. (And if it was my work, I’m sticking to my Chekhov story anyhow. :)


Or maybe they meant Ensign Chekov, and you’re supposed to find a nuclear wessel.


I wonder how many people read guffin, chekov’s gun, and they end up losing an hour in tvtropes?

I used to admire the dedication needed to fill in episode synopsis and various wikis, but since my high-functioning autistic cousin has left school I figure that’s all he does all day. Ok I’m a bad person.

edit: I’m drunk right now, shut up I’m still on Eastern time. I figure when I am drunk I have just about the same level of intellectual process as my rainman cousin. Sigh. Don’t get me wrong, I like the little fucker. It’s just so many “who would win in a fight, a T rex or a Tonka truck” discussions I can take.


Bah guess there is no spoiler tag here, won’t ruin it.


Pretend the leading parenthesis is a bracket: (spoiler=“what appears on spoiler when covered”]whatever you want to hide[/spoiler]
Here’s how it looks:

what appears on spoiler when covered

whatever you want to hide


Go Advanced,
to see the UI

[spoiler] The UI is in the advanced toolbar.

Also, if you don’t put a label in the spoiler, it reveals the tags and the spoiler!

Looks like this:[/spoiler]

[SPOILER] The UI is in the advanced toolbar. Also, if you don’t put a label in the spoiler, it reveals the tags and the spoiler![/SPOILER]


Good point - you need to at least put the quotes in, but the label itself can be empty, like this:




Ah ok I’m used to just spoiler on spoiler off like Tim posted, that’s how every other site does it.

Spoiler for a TV show only available by direct purchase

There’s a great Chekhov’s Gun in episode 10 of Horace and Pete