What is left of Atari?

See that Paradigm Entertainment was bought by THQ from Atari. Atari sold Reflections to Ubi. On the investor boards it sounds like Shiny is all but sold as well. Does Atari have any studios left after that? Atleast they are sitting on a pile of cash, less expenses and less likely that NWN2 will get shoved out the door.

Honestly, I have a hard enough time calling this… thing by the name “Atari.”

Based on their recent track record, I wouldn’t count on that, unfortunately… :-(

“The studio formerly known as Infogrames before they bought the Atari name,” then… :-)

How long does Atari still have the D&D license for? Do they have any other noteworthy licenses or titles in the pipe?

Why? Both are seeing the same fate, and for the same reasons. It seems utterly apropos to do so.

Hehe, Atari is so far in debt it’s not even funny… and NWN2 will get shoved out before its done - otherwise it wouldn’t be “Atari”.

Well, they have already pushed the release date out another month. I guess its not “Atari”.

Ataris stole my baby!

Good point. After delaying it a month there’s no way Infogrames could push NWN2 out the door before it’s done.

I am just saying that the single delay doesn’t match up with past behaviour and the current situation. This gives me hope.

Looks like Atari is going to get delisted tomorrow. Looking at their cash and burn rate, they probabl;y have another money to push out the titles they are planning for this winter but if any fail, they are going down.

Okay, any bets on who will be the next owner of the brand? How about… EA??

They might not want to buy Atari since it’s already run into the ground. I mean, when your company is already a shell of its former self there’s nothing left for EA to do to it.

Honestly, I think UBIsoft might buy them if the price is right. If only for the older IP. Wild guess would be Midway since they almost bought it from Hasbro years back but I honestly don’t know how well Midway is doing.

To show proper respect for its history, the only appropriate new owner would be a DVD case manufacturer.

You know better than to have hope, Derek.

Shaddup Chuckles :)

I seriously don’t understand the love for Atari. Pac-man was horrible on Atari. E.T. ? Come on, it doesn’t matter who owns that lame ass company, as it was driven so far into the ground the first time around that it now carries the curse of the underworld.

How old are you?

I remember them fondly more for their computers than their consoles. My old 8-bit might have had its cons (graphics and sound not quite as good as a C64, smaller disk capacity), but it had its fair share of quirky features that were interesting to play with, and it’s where I started learning to program.

They had quite a few good arcade games too, though that was technically a separate company.

You are kidding, right? Right!?!?! Someone get this guy the bio for Ed Logg.