What is the current must-watch TV? A general thread for recommendations.

So far not much ia grabbing me this year…BUT Halo season 2 knocked my socks off so far.

What are the other shows that are on your must-see list this year?

Mr and Mrs Smith and Reacher this season are at best mid, and easily skippable.

Mr and Mrs Smith getting raves from critics I trust.

Gonna say: probably not skippable for me, though I’ve not gotten a chance to dive in yet.

Haven’t finished it yet, but with a couple of episodes to go I’m really enjoying Mr and Mrs Smith.

The way you worded the title I’m not sure if streaming services count in the, “must watch tv,” of a season. But within the year it sounds like we’ll have a few new shows and season returns that are must watch here:

  1. Severance, Season 2 on Apple TV+ - I can’t wait to see where they take this show, the first season was an amazing, rollercoaster watch.

  2. Masters of the Air on Apple TV+ - Still going and filling in the first season binge list for now but so far this has been a wild ride full of the WW2 and B17 looks and feels I thought it would be.

  3. Shogun on FX (or Hulu) - Everything about the trailers make me think this will be an amazing retake on what was already a great limited series from my past youth that was well loved.

  4. The Bear, Season 3 on FX (or Hulu) - If you’ve not watched this show it’s an amazing journey through the life of a chef, his family, and all of his coworkers as they battle a very amazingly detailed life of working in a restaurant, with all the things that come with that. The camera work and scenery drive the style of the show, while the action on screen, great background tunes and amazing characters really make it riveting.

  5. True Detective: Night Country (aka season 4) on MAX - A creepy Alaskan setting with a good background murder story and starring Jodie Foster and Kali Reis? Yes, please.

  6. Squid Game, Season 2 - Yep, we’re going back. We enjoyed the hell out of the first one and can’t wait to see what kinds of things happen this time.

The, “I don’t think it’ll make it this year,” list:
White Lotus, season 3

We have a thread for M&M Smith here. Very mixed reception by Qt3 at least!

Season 3 of Resident Alien kicks off this Wednesday! Easily the best thing Syfy has done since they enshittified their name. Great writing and cast makes this so much more than something you just watch because of Alan Tudyk.

Oh nice! I loved season 1 and the first half of Season 2, but when I tried watching the second half of Season 2, it started with a really slow episode where nothing much happened (Autopsy), so I got stalled after that. I need to get back to Resident Alien

You know, I was trying to remember what happened in season 2 and I think we stalled in the same spot. We will have to rewatch it.