What the heck? My connection speed doubled overnight

I was getting 1.5Mb yesterday and today it’s 3. I’d call my ISP to ask what’s going on but I’m afraid that they’re gonna undo it :(

Discretion is the better part of valor.

Comcast doubled available bandwidth in my area a few months back, intentionally.

Bet you’ve got Bell Sympatico.

They have been quietly upgrading service for the past couple months. They didn’t make a big splash about it, because they didn’t want all the people who haven’t been upgraded to freak out.

It’s basically a move to better compete against Rogers (those bastards).

Wow, awesome. I’m especially stoked since my upstream doubled to 800Kb from 400Kb. I can host the r33t qu4k3 s3rvarz now!

D00d, can u p0s+ teh D00M 3 ISO?

You bet, but I only got the one that says “DANIEL MORRIS PC GAMER” all over the textures for some reason.

Wow, and upstream boost too? That’s pretty rare. And good, especially for thost broadband-only games where you try to stack voice chat on top.

You are now tapped as the host for whatever Teamspeak servers we want to hook up in the future, Jakub. ;)

I get relatively crappy upstream at home. In the 200-220kbit range.

See if Geordi’s picking up anything outside the visible spectrum.

He must have a distinct advantage when playing Doom 3. You think the visor will be outlawed for organized competitions?

Nah. On the inside, its just one of those gimmicky H3D devices.

If anything, he’ll be yarfing up his lunch halfway through his first match.

Mine has slowed down by about the same! Bandwidth thief!