What the.... Hellgate: London returns


The tutorial is underwhelming and poorly written.
It actually enters the “so awkward it is funny” territory.

But this isn’t the kind of game that needs a tutorial to begin with, if you ever played an RPG with itemization and skills before.
If not… well, IIRC, Diablo did not have a tutorial either, but I managed. And I must’ve been 10-12 or so.


Sure, but this idea that, “It’s their IP and they can do whatever they want with it, and people don’t have a right to complain” can be taken to the extreme. I mean, there is some change of some type that potentially any or every person could feel is significant.


The original game didn’t have respawning enemies inside the same instance, it worked the same way as Diablo 3.


This version does, but I only find it mildly annoying.


Completely agree. Respawning enemies make a game unplayable for me (other than after significant plot developments, or lengthy passages of time - and even that’s not my preference). It’s dampens enthusiasm for even great games, like System Shock 2, which had a relatively mild respawning system, and makes games like the Call of Duty or Left for Dead series just annoying and unpleasant - never been able to stick with a game like that for very long - just ruins the game for me.

So they introduced respawning everywhere in HG:L, or just new areas? If the former, I’m going to delete my download immediately, and I was looking forward to playing this again. Maybe I’ll dig out my disks instead.


Expectations for this hitting a Steam sale any time soon?


It’s already 25% off for launch with a base price of $13. Can’t see it going much lower in the upcoming sales, maybe 33% off.


F that noise, I bought it 12 years ago.


Oh god, you’re not really one of those people are you?


If by those people you mean people that won’t pay for the same game twice on the same platform, then yes I am.


It’s a shame I only have two eyes to roll.


I see six eyes in your avatar.


Then all of them rolled.


You are aware that there is no way these Korean devs, 10+ years after the orignal game released, could even check for the legality of your game and give you this version for free, even if they wanted?

Besides, this is about 10€, so… ???


Everywhere. Every instance with mobs has very quick respawns. You can’t even kite a tough boss around as a ranged character like the old days. I was trying to fight one earlier and as I started to back away I ran into mobs in a part of the instance I had just cleared through merely seconds before. I don’t even think it’s time based. It’s more proximity based now. It’s the absolute worst form of mob respawning ever.


I… don’t… care… ???


It’s ok. We don’t care about you having unreasonable expectations either. :)


You are right, though.
Reality just gets in the way.

March on.


Whew! This is so much worse than I remember.


omg this game was pretty much a kiting simulator to start with