"What the Little Man Said" at Robot Street Gang

Just a quick note to let you folks know that another essay from my (probably) next book, The Gaming Life, has been posted to Robot Street Gang. You can find it at:



I dunno about that one, man. It’s a wee bit obsessive. I had trouble finishing it. I liked your previous article, but you might want to save this one for the Sudden Strike II Prima Strategy Guide.

Its always a shame when a good writer doesn’t have much of a point to make.

Truth can be told through in-game experience (and we’ll see a lot more of that sort of thing in the near future), but here there is a lot of experience and very little truth.

I’m not sure what to call this other than self-indulgent.

After re-reading what I posted last night, it sounds too critical. I really did enjoy your previous article, and I don’t feel this one is of the same caliber. I’d like to see more in the direction of Shoot Club, eg, interpersonal relationships expressed in gaming terms.

It’s a decent read, but little more than an after action report. If he intended to write an AAR, fine, but if he is searching for something else he’s looking in the wrong place.

The piece starts well with a reference to the grunting of grunts in your typical RTS, but then turns into “I killed this guy and then someo ther guys came after me and then I had to fight real hard and it was lots and lots of fun.” It’s nowhere near the quality of the piece you posted here earlier.

Don’t try to make a Shoot Club as Guest suggested. You have your own voice, so use it. But Mr. Olafson’s AAR is kind of jarring when put beside your own work.