What will you play in the weekend?

I confess to not doing any of that planning. It will probably come bite me in the back at some point, most likely online, but then the game will probably lose me.
I have been experimenting with three weapons, two with which I feel now very comfortable, the true revelation having been to try adept (or should it be called “Dark Souls”) style.
Nargacuga went down. They all will go down, mewhahaha!
The game had lost me early on the PSP, but in my case it was because I had not been taught to be patient by — again —Dark Souls; and those controls, eew. I also wasn’t using items, while now I spend a lot of my time setting up ambushes or throwing random junk at the monster. The monkey in me loves to throw junk.
But you are right: my play style is very slow and time-consuming. On the first try of a given monster, I usually use over 40 of the 50 allocated minutes. But that time flies because I am so… immersed!

I only endorse playing PSP games emulated or (preferably) on a Vita at this point. I think it would be rather unethical to inflict the carpal tunnel Freedom Unite clawhand on anyone, worst this side of Metroid Prime: Hunters.
Of course, when I’m king of the world, every game will be designed around the ergonomically perfect Armored Core reverse claw-grip.

It was No Man’s Sky VR all weekend for me. Though half that time was probably spent trying to get it to run well on the Rift, with no success. Still, loving it.

No Man’s Sky for me, no doubt. Beyond is amazing.

Still playing Dark Souls 3. Near the end of the first DLC, about to start the second, and still have a couple of main game bosses to kill.

Also a bit of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. It hasn’t grabbed me yet, although mainly down to technical issues ruining the experience.

Every day we stray further from God’s light.

Next time I have a Playstation controller in hand, I’m going to try that and see what people say.

I played a little No Man’s Sky and a little Subnautica (until I got so terrified I had to immediately shut it down), and the rest of the weekend I’ve spent creeping around in bushes and shooting nazis in the head in Sniper 4. So much fun.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw ate my weekend!

Mine too, to the extent that I wasn’t doing outside things or chores around the house.

Auto Mechanic Simulator 2019 and Golf With Family took up a good part of it.

Do you mean: Car Mechanic Simulator 2018? Or did I miss a release?

It’s the live-action version I play in my garage sometimes.

Gotcha, sometimes I’m particularlly dense.

No worries. The computer version is both cheaper and less frustrating, most of the time. :P

Indeed. The game could use a “dropping a bolt and it rolling under a workbench” DLC.

Oh, the hidden object game?

I’m familiar. Always have the most difficulty with washers. Especially small ones.

Heh yeah it did.

I’m splitting my time between Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which I’m nearing the end of, and Age of Wonders: Planetfall, which I’m just getting started in.

Damn, totally forgot about Fire Emblem… Need to pull away from monster hunting (I just captured my first Rathalos, it was so exhausting!)…

Hmmmm, if the past week is any indication, probably quite a bit of No Man’s Sky. I might add a bit of Kingdom Come: Deliverance and perhaps Age of Wonders: Planetfall. And some Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.

RGO. Pool. :)