What will you play in the weekend?


I won’t have to! They’re my panzergrenadiers :) I do share your interest in how my opponent is going to deal with them, though, now that 1st Airborne’s attack strengths are halved.

My suspicion is that if his salvation is to come, it will be from south of Nijmegen bridge.


You haven’t played Witcher 3 yet? Wow, you have such a treat in store. I’m always jealous of people getting to play it for the first time. Just start it already :)


Another game on my backlog (along with Witcher 2!).

I get backlog paralysis where I spend 20 minutes trying to decide what to play and then end up playing Diablo 3.


I know right? My son just completed it, so I’m behind. But the first set of short stories helped connect so many references in Witcher 2 that I don’t want to miss things in Witcher 3 because I don’t have the full backstory :) I watched a recap of Witcher 1 (cause my memory sucks) and dear lord - the amount I missed because I didn’t understand WTF was going on…


I actually recently bought Witcher 1 on Steam, and borrowed Witcher 2 for Xbox, so the plan is to play through them as well. Maybe I’ll start a new playthrough of W3 after that, for a new experience :)


After bouncing off Nich’e a couple of weeks ago I just added Dungeons 3 so I am downloading as I type. Hope I can get into this one.


No video. I’ll see if I can dig up a photo.


I am playing Ys Lacrimosa of Dana. A game that for the first 20 hours I trough was mediocre, or simply bad. It happens to be a wide and deep game that expand in scope so slowly you almost not notice. I achieve one or two great feelings. Exploration, attachment to characters, combat.


Cool! I’m keen on this but they delayed the PC version due to technical issues so it’s a few weekends away for me. Also I hear they’re fixing up the bad localisation work on all platforms. Probably a better idea than releasing it to be savaged by Steam user reviews and hoping to fix later.


Since I just picked up The Golf Club 2 I have been going crazy playing a lot of rounds. Some courses have super tough greens that can be frustrating, but in general it feels great to play. Missed PC golf.


Elex this weekend, and some Fields of Glory 2.


Probably finish up the Thieves Guild quests in Elder Scrolls Online, do another episode or three in season two of Guild Wars 2.

And I’ve started grabbing indie games off my wishlist when they get a sale and, you know, actually playing them: this week, it is Valley - I’m maybe half-way through, and finding it quite joyful.

Also, more Doom.


Lots and lot and lots of Grim Dawn - I’ve made a Death Knight, who kicks all kind of but on Hardcore Veteran level. Its exhilarating!


Dipped out of Divinity OS2 for a bit as battles were taking me an hour to beat which is not fun so I have put it on the easiest level and now it’s good again. Not sure how much free time I have this weekend but if I do get some gaming in, this will be it.


It’s very rainy here: some weirdo rain phenomenon covering half the world going on since the last couple of weeks with no end in sight, and the occasional inbound typhoon won’t help. Hurray, nobody at home will blame me for playing Guild Wars 2, if the net doesn’t fail me (still not lvl 80. still a noob), otherwise I will probably play some Bottom of the 9th (not in classic mode - as @robc04 put it, the running system in that mode is just an exercise in patience and masochism).
If I am unlucky at Tom’s Warbanners draw, I’ll probably jump back into Drums of War a bit too.


Going to finish up my week of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate stay-cation, its been fantastic!



Guild Wars 2, mostly. I might also play stuff like Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, Battle Chasers: Nightwar, and, by the looks of it, some other game with “war” in the name. Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, perhaps? I can’t play Hob or Grim Dawn because that would break the “war in the name” trend.

But really, it should be mostly Guild Wars 2. Just like the last few weeks.


Gonna be a fairly busy weekend, but I still should have time to play these for the blog:

If I have time for myself, I’ll get further into the campaign of:

And maybe some time with these:

Should be a pretty good weekend overall.


Hoping to finish Alien: Isolation this weekend - mostly enjoying it but I’m finding it a stressful experience, will be glad to have it behind me. That said, since there’s still some October left, I’ll probably start up a new spooky game, probably either State of Decay or Layers of Fear.


My world is now fully consumed with Witcher 3, and everything around it. Finished the short stories, so now I understand why I should care about things, and will probably start the actual series as well, but probably won’t hold out playing the game - have already started, and already can see why this is the highest rated RPG ever.