What will you play in the weekend?


Hopefully some more of The Division but I suspect my time with that game is winding down. I’ll likely pop in to check out the anniversary content for Diablo III and also look to make time for Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate which just arrived from Amazon.


Lots of Final Fantasy XIII-2. I started playing this on the new year because I felt like it and I’m loving it so far. Also a bit of Tales of Zestiria (I want to see if I finish it before Tales of Berseria arrives, 20 days from now) and, if I’m lucky, Total War: Warhammer.


Don’t panic, it’s totally ok to touch the cows. Except when it isn’t.


I’ve been working through Witcher 3 and just got out of White Orchard. Looks like things will pick up from here (I hope). White Orchard was a little uninteresting.


Hey, that’s my situation too. Just left the palace at Vizima, and on to Velen.

Which will be most of mine this weekend too.


I’ve been in Skellige for a few months now. Need to put some work into W3 again soon!

Playing Catacombs 3rd edition and maybe King’s Forge tonight, then console the rest of the weekend. Overcooked, BF1, and Odin Sphere most likely, with some Witcher 3 mixed in.


My plan is to knock out the last two episodes of Batman: A Telltale Adventure. I was quite surprised at how engrossed in it I’d become as I’m not a huge fan of the character or the comics.


Divinity Original Sin EE. I will stick with this party no matter what. 15 hours played and keep starting over. I keep changing from a role playing party to a numbers group.


I’m going to start Deus Ex:Mankind Divided and probably put up some more rival times in Forza Horizon 3.


Hmmm. I haven’t checked out the Rivals tab yet. Maybe I’ll check it out this weekend. I know I accepted your friend request recently, so I should be on your list.


Deus Ex:Mankind Divided and Doom Ancient Aliens. Also I’m eyeing to finally play SOTS.


@ShivaX and I are 170 or so turns into our Total War: Warhammer campaign we started before the holidays, and I feel like we have a real chance to claim a victory at last. We’ve scourged the land of many threats, and what threats remain I feel like we have a handle on for now. It’s just a matter of settling previously raised settlements and pushing our stranglehold out to join up with our mutual allies, and I believe Bob will indeed be our uncle.

I’m also playing Bravely Second on the 3DS which is engaging and fun, but I’m already finding the dialog a slog. It’s got a decent story as viewed from very high up and very far away (a kingdom under siege, villains I can’t wait to face off against, some honestly cool characters) but sometimes the dialog is… I’m not sure whom this is written for. Kids? They wouldn’t be able to grasp the RPG mechanics, there is a lot of meat on these bones honestly, between job swapping and the dizzying and satisfying synergy between the jobs and secondary job abilities. I’ll talk about it some day, it’ fantastic and I’m only in chapter 1! But kids that can grasp this stuff will almost certainly roll their eyes at the in-party dialog. But for now the game and the mechanics are enough I’m enjoying it but I’m not putting great swaths of time in each time I sit down to play it. It is very pretty though, to boot, so that’s always a plus.

And also on the 3DS I’m plucking away at Etrian Mystery Dungeon, which is really fun but kind of tiring after a long stretch as the combat doesn’t evolve very quickly and for some reason on Normal it’s not very challenging. I could bump up the difficulty I suppose, but then I fear the odd boss fight would be frustrating. I have yet to have a party wipe in this “roguelike” dungeon crawler. That’s good and bad!


For the next 2 months I’ll have a bit more free time in the weekends to play, so let’s see what I’ll play tomorrow:

Marvel Puzzle Quest, continuing a year-long addiction.
SteamWorld Heist. I love how each “heist” session lasts less than an hour, so I could play on weeknights. (No I hardly do that. Did I not mention MPQ already?)
Maybe start Unity of Command or Treasure Planet.


I’ll look for your times!


I am enjoying very much: flashpoint campaigns. Seriously: try it !!


The only solid gaming plan I have this weekend is to jump into the new Diablo 3 season when it opens in a few hours (unless my calculations are off). Thinking of taking a Monk, my least-played class, and checking out the anniversary content.

This talk of Thargoids means I may settle back into the captain’s chair for some Elite Dangerous VR for a few hours.

I’ve also had a hankering for a couple games of Flash Point: Fire Rescue.


Thanks to the new monthly Humble Bundle, I’ll give XCOM 2 a spin.


I am finding Stardew Valley interesting


Thanks to @rshetts it seems that I’ll be playing Mass Effect 2. Along with ESO, Infested Planet, Steamworld: Heist and Sunless Sea.


Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. No idea if I’ll play anything else yet.