What Would Molydeux? 2012

If you guys haven’t heard about it, hundreds of teams around the world converged on the @petermolydeux twitstream this weekend, to bring his ideas to life, and the fruits of the labor are very sweet indeed: http://whatwouldmolydeux.com/archive.php

I just got back from the Oakland jam. It was a pretty incredible, intense experience, and I’m really hoping it happens again next year.

And now a plug! My team built this game over the weekend, playable in-browser: http://whatwouldmolydeux.com/display.php?GameID=195

I noticed last week that there were no events within 10 hours from me. Most live jams have no people in this area. Did you organize your event? How many people showed up? I was wondering if it might be worth it to try and organize one next time.

Oh, and I enjoyed your game. I played several on the list earlier and they were all good.


Brandon Sheffield organized the one I went to. There were about 30 people at the Oakland jam, and something like 150 across the bay at the San Francisco jam. Might I suggest moving to the Bay Area? Place is lousy with enthusiastic game developers.

edit: Daniel Moore and Matt Diebolt are doing daily 1-hour jams via Google Hangout for at least a couple more weeks. You might throw in on one of those. Not sure if they have an official page for it, but try just waiting for Daniel to mention one here: https://twitter.com/#!/STRd6

1 hour? Man, 48 hours is pushing it to get something even playable for me. But I’m a programmer, so it’s hard to not over-engineer things.

Huggy Bear is awesome. The rampage mode makes it. Also

rainbowman, 2012-04-02 01:07:07
thx for making the ppl all the colors… sorry god we can’t all be like f–ing mario ok! some of us can’t grow mustaches and are darker. and some of us have too much mustache but are pasty white. and that’s ok.
thank u

I actually felt a little bad about the diversity of the people in Huggy Bear. We ended up grouping the body components by gender, but I wanted to mix and match all the components willy nilly, because really, fuck the entire concept of gender. But that ended up being too much work in terms of finetuning component placement for a weekend jam.

It’s actually very feasible to make a game in an hour. You need to start with a framework and content pipeline you’re comfortable with, code fast and sloppy, and don’t even bother trying to fix bugs. That kill screen is totally an homage to Pac-Man.

Try Ludum Dare if you want practice. I participated in the last one and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I have done 1 in the past (but failed to make anything playable) and I’m hoping to do the one in a few weeks.

Yeah, I’m hoping I have the time to participate in LD 23 in couple weeks.

I highly recommend weekend jams as a way to grow as a developer. It’s a low-risk way to get experience finishing a project, which is a specific skill that’s surprisingly hard to come by. It also helps you practice cutting project scope and prioritization, and drives home the idea that you’re “finished” when you hit deadline, not when the todo list is empty.