Whatever happened to the podcast?

In my hazy and not-at-all-guaranteed-to-be-accurate memory, the games podcast used to be “some people talk about gaming news and recent games”, then it became a lot more of “one person interviews someone about their upcoming game and other gaming stuff”, and now it’s been about six weeks since the last one. Is it coming back? Is the old format ever coming back or is it too hard to schedule multiple of you now?

I don’t know for sure, but I can hazard a few guesses.

  1. Tom’s voice is recovering. It probably isn’t up to two podcasts per week, perhaps.

  2. Jason McMaster has a lot of family, non-gaming stuff on his plate at the moment.

  3. Brandon’s podcaasting time is still heavily spent doing the Jumping The Shark podcast weekly.

On my end, I had to stop doing the podcast because the optimal time for everyone else didn’t really match up with mine. Between family and work, the recording time was difficult to pull off each week.

The games podcast never had the same solid format and therefore momentum as the movie podcast. So while it’s been much easier for me to jump back into the movie podcast – in fact, it kept going just fine without me! – the games podcast hasn’t been as easy to get back underway. Jason and Brandon did fine while I was out of commission, but I think I prematurely tapped them out when my voice got a little better.

That said, I’m really excited about the episode I’m recording and posting tomorrow. I’m talking to a friend of mine about three recent releases that have a lot in common. We’ll hopefully get back to a weekly format shortly.


I thought Brandon did a bang-up job filling in while you were out, Tom. I listen to him on Jumping the Shark every other week. You could do a lot worse than join him for a guest appearance or two, if it’s tough to do the host thing regularly.


For what little it’s worth, my favorite episodes were always the Tom and Jason (or later Tom and Jason and Brandon) chitchat ones. I hope you can figure out a way to schedule a few of those again.

Thanks for the comment on those, wilykat. I always felt a little sheepish about doing chitchat shows, since I can’t imagine anyone wants to listen to me hem and haw. I don’t have McMaster’s sense of humor or Brandon’s polish. But, yeah, I really should have gotten on the ball and kept the schedule going. Like I said, I hope to resume posting them regularly after tomorrow’s episode is posted, which will be live tomorrow night.

Yeah, I listen to him on Jumping the Shark every episode as well. Brandon should really be doing whatever the equivalent of professional podcasting is. Radio?


Happy to hear it’s still happening. :)

Jason and Brandon are fantastic, but my favorite episodes are when Tom interviews designers one-on-one. The Dead of Winter, Bastion and State of Decay podcasts were such a treat to listen to.

Fantastic news Tom. I, too, greatly enjoy the informal chitchat episodes. You do a wonderful job of drawing out insight from others, and when Brandon or Jason says something and you drill down on it you often get them to reveal a much better analysis. I look forward to hearing the new episode on my run tonight.