What's a DosboxCE gamer to do?

Got the DosboxCE edition for my pda and it actually runs a lot of my old dos games, like MOM D&D gold box games, Might and Magic rpg’s and many more. You may be thinking that’s cool, great or some other words to that effect, but you would be wrong. It will play those games (plays Darklands really slow), but since they are the originals, yes that’s right the originals, I have a problem with “copy protection”. Imagine that, after twenty years the copy protection on the old games can still keep you from playing them. Now I still have a lot of the manuals, code wheels and what not, but the purpose of playing those old games on my pda is to be mobile. I mean, how would it look if I carried a manual into the cubicle of contemplation at work just so I can play Armada 2525 while making a deposit. What I’m asking from you fine individuals here at QT3 is: Is the some way to get rid of or bypass the old copy protection? I tried downloading the game from abandonware sites, but they just give me a copy of the original, which I have already. Any help will be appreciated.

No help, but it sure seems like there’s a golden market waiting to be tapped there. I’d probably pay a decent few bucks to play Dark Sun on my iPod Touch again. (Actually all the old D&D 16 Bit games were fairly good!)

Heard there was a Dosbox for the psp, but it ran very slow. I wonder if there is a way to get the GOG games to run using the dosboxCE edition. I know that the original Might and Magic 1-3 will run, the others are a little to new for it.

PDFs of manuals?

With M&M on Gametap, they actually had PDFs that just contained all the answers, if I recall correctly.

if i recall, back in the dos days, there was a pay program that did this and patched/removed the copy protection out of hundreds of pc games. naturally this program was cracked/distributed as well. i can’t remember the name of it anymore.