What's the best birth control?

I’m scheduled for a vasectomy on the 10th. My wife is objecting and I came across this site (so to speak): dontfixit.org that also says it’s a very bad idea. Most other info seems to say it’s a great option. We’ve gotten good recommendations for my doctor, first from her gynecologist.

Has anyone here had one? Any regrets? I’m mostly thinking of chronic pain - we already have two kids and are quite sure that’ll be plenty. If we change our minds, adoption would probably be a better option for us now anyway.

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vote everquest, then

Could you possibly have found a board where, on average, the readership gets LESS sex, to ask this question? :-)

Even for those who’ve mastered the personal hygeine tricks to somehow land a mate, there remains the “not tonight, honey, the BF1942 patch just came out!” syndrome…

My wife and I have been discussing the vasectomy option lately. My daughter is 5 now and doing diapers again isn’t sounding like a fun idea to either of us. My brother-in-law has a vasectomy a few years ago and hasn’t had any complications. Heck, I would say he’s an advocate since he offers to give me his urologist’s name almost every holiday.

My research indicates it is a good birth control option as long as you follow your doctor’s orders and don’t have unprotected sex until after your semen is clear of sperm.

Good luck with your operation and may your doctor cut straight and true :shock:


My picks:

  1. Her mouth
  2. Her crapper
  3. Withdraw quickly
    -works for me
  4. beat your meat
    -I don’t do this anymore, hehe…

and the #1 reason to avoid getting your wife pregnant:

  1. Hook up with a guy and turn gay!
    -I haven’t heard of a gay guy yet that’s been pregnant. It’s fool proof dude!


That anti-vasectomy site is hilarious. I mean, they want us to honestly believe having a vasectomy puts you at greater risk of LUNG CANCER? LUPUS?

Yeah, Jason, those ridiculous claims gave me some comfort too.


(Quarter To Three topics where you learn way more than you want to about other posters…)

What you need to decide is what the best birth control option is that works for you. For me, the best option would be for my girlfriend to use birth control pills. But she doesn’t, and so we use condoms instead (which I dislike because they need to be removed and disposed of soon after use, thus preventing further post-coital activities. Then, there’s the spermicide/latex/lubricant residue, which means you can do A before B, but B before A is right out.)

If what that dontfixit site says is true, I have little spermies swimming around my arteries. You know when you need to pee real bad but the line is long, how you can clench your pelvic muscles to keep your urine to yourself? Well, I do the same with semen for those times I need to last a little longer. I thought it went into the kidneys, though, not my bloodstream. [/i]

Apparently another option is rding mountain bikes:

“Then, there’s the spermicide/latex/lubricant residue, which means you can do A before B, but B before A is right out.”

In the 90s I was volunteering at an AIDS awareness thing where we gave out condoms on campus. One of the girls on our team wondered allowed what the purpose of the non-lubricated condoms was, and someone from the back of the group replied, “Well, now we all know you’re no fun on a date.” Heh.

Quarter To Three topics where you learn way more than you want to about other posters…

Couldn’t agree more. In the future, try to show a little restraint there Mr Wong. ;)

…and I thought the groove in the middle of my friend Heather’s bike seat was so she could “go” on the go.

I’m sorry. I suffered from complete filter failure this morning due to the 12 hours I logged from 6pm to 5am playing Haegemony last night.

use that laptop on your lap more often would probably work too :twisted: