What's the deal with Google Drive spam?

(said in my best 90’s Seinfeld voice)

Seriously, a while back I saved some interesting document or other to Google Drive, and for the longest time thought nothing of it. Suddenly I start seeing notifications on my phone telling me so and so mentioned you in blah blah blah and it seemed to be connected to this document. They’ve all been in what I recognize as a North Germanic language, probably Swedish but I’m not sure, and seem to be come-ons from women. Why they thought I speak Swedish or Norwegian I’ll never know.

I went ahead and deleted the document that these “comments” refer to but to no avail.

I guess the answer would be to turn off notifications about Google Drive if that’s possible.

That is super weird. Never even heard of something like this.

Seems to have become the latest tactic of some spammers since their emails often go straight to the junk folder and unnoticed. Though, in my case it is spammers mentioning various people they’ve obtained the emails of in the comments of a blank document that they have created. So, likewise, I muted Google Drive notifications for now.

Looks like there is a setting for Google Drive, on the website version at least, that lets you block unsolicited people from adding you to documents. Shall have to give that a try and see if it works for the unsolicited spam mentions too.