What's your ethnic background?

Just curious. Mine:

1/4 Norwegian
1/4 Swiss
Misc. English, Scottish, Irish, a drop or two of French Canadian

In other words, usual American mutt. :-D

Dunno. Probably English/Scot with some Leprecaun. I’m not sure if it’s something I should care about or not, but right now I don’t.

I hear Leprechauns poop bricks of pure gold. That’s why they sit on a pot at the end of the rainbow.

I am 100% pure Garden Gnome.

Well my mom is from a planet whose name is in a language the human cannot fathom, so for you guys we call it Planet Ninja. My dad was a used rocket salesman from Mars before he suddenly became interested in religion. They met at what you at what you might call the combination of a rave and a bathtub, but with less air and more monkeys.

Thus sprout Kitsune.

So I’m half Martian/ half Ninja.


I’ve got somewhere in the range of 8-10 different shades of white in me.

Scottish, Welsh, German & Swedish.

Oh wait, we’re doing funny answers. I’m a being from the planet Trafalmadore.

Funny you should ask. Since January, I’ve become freakishly addicted to answering that very question. So far, I’ve connected over 7000 people to my lineage.

1/2 Norwegian, 1/4 Swedish, and a good smattering of any number of other European backgrounds.

1/2 Irish, 1/2 Italian, 100% Drinker.

German/United Kingdom Mutt (British/Scotish/Irish)

I don’t know enough about my family tree to get an exact breakdown, but it’s roughly 1/2 Norwegian, 1/4 German, and a mix of small bits of British/Scottish/Irish.

(Norway’s representin’! Some of my cousins, aunts, and uncles were big on the cultural thing, but I didn’t care too much. All it meant to me was horrible food whenever we visited them.)

My parents were both born in Canada. My Mom’s side comes from Italy so I’ll say I’m half Italian. My Dad was actually adopted so his actual backround is sorta unknown to me however I believe its of an English/Irish descent (at the very least, his adopted parents were from there).

I’m a Wisconsinite. Greetings from your woodsy overlords!

I did some digging on surnames.

My German ancestors were wheel makers and my Scottish ancestors were of the Clan MacDonald.

You’ll be happy to know that Norway is far above every non-US country on the web for putting their Genealogical information online. Not only is everything back to ancient church parishes indexed and searchable, but it’s all free – and they have English versions of all of their search pages.

Sure, Sweden and Scotland have similar setups, but they charge you access…the bastards!

Very bitter and cynical…oh ethnic background.


Irish/Italian so I guess I could kick ass in soccer while drunk but instead I have red hair and play Mario games.

1/2 dutch
1/2 various Central Asian peoples (Kazakh, Tatar, Cossack, etc)

I figure I’m genetically predisposed to be a pirate, with the Horsemen of the Steppes + Dutch Sailor thing going on.


Chinese, with a little bit of english in me somewhere.