When we respond to a post (but had not read all the posts after it)...

When we respond to a post (but had not read all the posts after it), is there a way to hop back to where we were reading? Right now in threads I haven’t kept up on I can be hundreds of posts back when I want to respond. Then I’m stuck scrolling up and up and up desperately trying to find where I left off.

Is there an easier way to do this?

If you’ve quoted something in the post you’re responding to, I’m pretty sure there’s an arrow icon in the quote box that will take you back to the quoted post.

But the real Wumpus answer is that you’re doing it wrong. You read to the end of the thread, then post a reply.

LOL, then I would have to go back to that spot to quote, and by the time I’m at the end… I invariable forget what I wanted to post too! :)

Brilliant it worked!!! Yea thank you! Man, I should have asked about this years ago. Would have saved me so much trouble.

Hehe, yeah. I don’t think Wumpus understood how or why people who aren’t him might want to use a forum.

Glad I could help!

The forums actually used to let you configure this behavior, but then the devs switched it to exclusively work the way no one wants it to.

Works good for me now, a simpleton :)

Actually, I remember that too, you could configure where the forum would take you too after replying - stay where you were or go to end of thread. What a silly thing to remove.