Where did Kwanzaa originate?

I don’t get it. Are you saying that you’ve been sleeping with both my mother and my girlfriend, but at least Mom calls your house to warn you before she comes over looking for a night on non-stop ass-fucking? Because I can’t figure out another meaning for what you just posted.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I hope there’s something to the Encoding/Decoding theory after all. For your sake. And the children.

Mom jokes? Hey, that’s great. What, did you run out of Hitler allusions?

I would like to thank Unicorn McGriddle for getting to the bottom of this great mom vs girlfriend fucking conversation. You did masterfully this round so thank you.

Also, who would Koontz rather fuck? UG’s mom or his girlfriend?

Yeah, after I posted that, I sat back in smug self-satisfaction, lit up a clove, adjusted my beret, and took a sip of fine four-dollars-a-bottle wine from Safeway. “Let’s see Aikes look down on our discourse NOW,” I remarked out loud, even though there was nobody around to hear it. I felt a warm glow come over me. My good deed for the day was done.

There’s nothing worse than browning the meat, setting out all the fixings, etc. and then finding out your tortillas are stale. But it’s not like you can just eat a bowl of ground beef with cheese and salsa in it, so you have to just deal with chalky stale tortillas. Horrible.

Sarcasm is fun, I dont mind using it if you dont. I would much rather have conversations but it seems most of you just wish to try to start something so why not. Go ahead and start it. I have momma jokes, daddy jokes, and what I dont have I can look up if you find it that entertaining.

You hear the one about the blonde? What does the blonde say after a multiple orgasm?

I suggest that Aikes is actually Koontz trolling as what he believes to be a neo-con.

DOnt know Koontz, sorry to dissapoint you.

As for the neo-con… call me whatever makes you feel best.

I am a conservative liberal… or maybe liberal conservative.

I am barfing puke… or maybe puking barf.

You are probably a little of both.

Masterful work by Aikes this round. But get ready: the next round will be the Lightning Round!

Unicorn McGriddle I wont bend over for you to fiddle

So take your fairy tale and send me no spam mail

On your back a sadle and from your lips a prattle

My spur against your side and to the battle we both shall ride

I like how encouraging black radicals was the fault of only the FBI. No Nixon involvement at all!

A poetry faceoff eh? I can do those:

The bones of the dead are a barrier reef
In a river of tears through a desert of grief
The bones of the dead are the sandbars of Lethe
And the birds eat their eyes and the fish eat their teeth

Very good, but it doesnt have my forum name in it. pfft

Moon above
Sun below
Unicorn McGriddle called me a HO HO HO

Time for cheer
things are queer
a sleigh flies behind a deer

Aikes looks up
Aikes looks around
Aikes tries to hide from the McGriddles abound

It works naught
It works nay
Unicorn chases me pulling a slay

Out with donner
out with blitzen
AIkes pulles his guns and McGriddle is smitten

how joo like me now

I think joo better sleep it off before that road trip.

Me thinks your right. Good night.

At least Im not driving… or not planning to.

I’m thinking he’d rather fuck UG.