Where does this go? MRE videos on Youtube are mesmerizing

The transition is right here


1982 MRE Review 4 Fingers of Death Oldest Hotdog Ever Eaten Food Ration Review Frankfurters

Steve eating 100+ year-old food again

lol, i just watched this too.

MRE guy is amazing.


Steve is the best.

“This doesn’t smell too bad. Actually, it smells terrible.” takes a bite

Steve’s immune system has dealt with so much 100-year-old food I figure that COVID19 will simply bounce off of him.

Botulism hasn’t killed Steve yet!

I drank a 24 year-old homebrew. Does that count?

Botulism can’t survive once you’ve got it out on a tray. Nice!

Honestly an interesting thing he’s done is show how much better cigarettes used to be.

What caught my eye is what appears to be early plastic wrap in 1944, particularly around the chewing gum? Or is that cellophane?

And one of the things that many appreciate about Steve is how he never bugs you to subscribe and follow or has sponsors. Probably because this isn’t even his real gig. Dude just does what he does because he love MREs, and he’s got 1.86 million subscribers. But, dude, with that many, you gotta figure he’s pulling down big revenue for each one of these.

Steve treats botulism like Iocane powder.

Meat biscuits and boiled sweets. Those were the days.

I saw a guy with a Steve1989 shirt at the store the other day. If I recall, it just had like a canteen, spoon and tray on the front and on the back it just said “Nice”.

What does Steve do? He looks like he rambled through a time machine from the 60s, like he should have been shooting hippies except he was way too easy rider / Steve McQueen to think that way.

It looks like he lives deep in the woods. Forest ranger? Some kind of federal job?

I think he was former military. That’s all I got.

77-year old cheese.

“It’s not really not that bad. It could be edible.”

Never change, Steve.

I want that Walken shirt.

Apparently a former landscaper in Florida. No military experience for him personally. I doubt he’s still doing landscaping but who knows, That’s a good day job to pair with a YouTube life.

Negative, Steve never served in the military.