Where does this go? MRE videos on Youtube are mesmerizing

OTOH US MREs come with little bottles of Tabasco sauce. I’ll take that over a wine ration any day.

Sriracha > Tabasco

I figured that I live in a region overdue for a major earthquake. That and hiking/camping food is expensive at REI. So look what arrived today…

I’d like to thank Steve for the inception.

What year/menu?

Looks like it was packed November 27, 2017.

Inspection date of October 2020.

Menu A.

I’m surprised, this is not a bad price with free shipping…

I paid $65 with free shipping. At 12 meals, that’s $5.40 a meal.

That price on Amazon is even better.

I’ll have to check mine but I believe it’s the same. We should have dinner some time. :)

Watch steve eat 72 year old cheese.

Speaking of, there are (probably) hundreds of ASMR MRE videos. It’s like a sub-genre of ASMR. Here are some good ones:




I must admit I am kind of now wanting a Pain Hamburger.

In NYC we called them White Castle.

After a two-month absence that made many of his fans worried, Steve reappeared with not one, but two, new videos! Turns out he suffered some kind of injury that sidelined him for a month.

In one video, he goes through three Japanese SDF MRE. But I like this WW2 C-Ration review better, just because of the smooooooooooth tobacco. It’s hilarious how those pure, unfiltered smokes has got the smokers in his comments salivating.

This entire thing is surreal. It’s amazing what people obsess over. (Not in a bad way, but it is always fascinating when a subgroup of people just go nuts over something that is meaningless to 99% of people.)

I also would think the dude would be seriously ill after eating a lot of this stuff, which shows what I know about food degredation.

My fave MRE in the military is the chicken w feta! And my life for some cheese spread and crackers.

(Also the caffeine gum.)

I think my dog would get sick. She gets diarrhea a lot.

Oh god! Don’t remind me. When we were having the floors redone I was stuck in the second floor guest bedroom. With two sick, pooping dogs. The sound of hammering and a tile saw made them nervous, so it was even worse. Poor doggos. Poor me. :)

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