Where is network tv going to be in 20 years?

Just curious if you’re u all think network tv will go extinct, just shrink, stay the same etc as I feel like millennials don’t have nearly as much interest in it as previous generations. As a gen-x I have no interest in normal tv, but I do love streaming shows that are based on more traditional television.

I watch the same 4 or 6 channels all the time, so most of my cable bill is a waste.

OTOH, while Netflix is still king (on the Internet) in many ways, shows are dispersing to newer and newer services every day. Meaning, you have to subscribe to more and more streaming sites.

I’m not sure which makes me unhappier, or which model will ultimately end up being the better (or worse) value.

In a sense network TV is just another group of cable channels. How many viewers watch network TV over the air and how many get it as part of a subscriber package? If you get it through a subscriber package your subscribing company is paying for your right to view that content. That cost is built into your cost.

So I think this much: The idea of trading eyeballs for ad views is still a viable business model, and as long as it remains as such, some businesses will try to get the eyeballs by offering free or near-free subscription models. How all that’s delivered, I don’t know. Probably over the internet.

Hulu is supposed be switching up with ads a bit, allowing 2 minute commercials before a show, and then no breaks in between. I am looking forward to that.

Probably in this thread, where we’ve been discussing this exact thing for 3 or 4 years. ;)

I was referencing this piece of news.

My question is do the younger crowd who have grown up in a online Youtube/streaming world transition to regular cable TV or stay away. The regular networks are then really in long term trouble as their current watchers well how to put it…start to die off and aren’t replaced with new viewers.

That was my thought exactly.

Where is network tv going to be in 20 years?

Mostly under water.