Which password manager do you use?


I’ve been using Master Password for a year or so, and couldn’t be happier. The fact that no secrets are stored anywhere really soothes my security paranoia. :)


LastPass has desktop and mobile apps now, so while I wouldn’t expect you to switch at this point, it shouldn’t be a factor for anyone else looking.


We use KeePass 2.x. I’m not sure why it’s considered mainly for technical folks, maybe the interface could be better? My wife isn’t technical and doesn’t have any problems using it.

I know it’s probably a little paranoid, but I just don’t trust the online password managers, no matter how secure the encryption is.


Another LastPass premium user. It even integrates with iOS fairly well in Safari. I also like that I can get my passwords easily by installing the extension on new machines.


1Password and love it. That said, the PC version is no where near as polished as the OS X and iOS versions.


Definitely a vote for LastPass here. I’ve been a Premium user for several years (probably from first hearing about it here), and am looking into the Enterprise version for work now, too. I’d say it’s pretty much essential to have one these days. However, I can’t comment on how they relate to others, as it’s really the only one I used after I dropped both the in-browser and Symantec password managers when I moved to LastPass.


I’ve been using eWallet for years and years (at least 5. Likely more) and am very happy with it. It syncs between my desktop and my phone. They have a cloud option (I think), but I’m quite happy to only have the encrypted wallets on those 2 devices.



Thanks for all the feedback, guys. I ended up trying out the free version of LastPass and really liked what I saw, so I started importing and updating all my passwords, and got so caught up in it that I only later realized that I’d locked myself out of everything on my phone. Sure, I could have manually looked up and entered the new passwords, but they were all auto-generated and pretty complex.

So that means that I’m now a premium subscriber to LastPass, and very happy about my decision. There was a moment of dismay when the autofill feature on my phone didn’t work for the first passwords I tried out, but I calmed down when it worked on every subsequent one. It’s a bit hit and miss, I guess, but overall I’m quite satisfied. I like the two factor authentication, it’s simple and very easy to use. All in all, I feel very good with my decision, and will be installing this on my mom’s computer, too, as she needs it more than anyone. :)


I am using a KeePass on the PC, MacPass on the Mac and mini KeePass on iOS. All free.
But for forum and non essential websites, I also save the password in Lastpass so I don’t have to always open KeePass to retrieve them. I’m pretty happy with this set up.


I use LastPass Premium right now, but I’m curious after looking at 1Password. One barrier to changing is getting all of my passwords from Lastpass over to 1Password. I’m sure if I changed, I’d hit that one site I forgot about when trying to change and be unable to get in that site.


I switched from lastpass to 1password when Logmein acquired Lastpass. It was easy to export all my data from last pass and import it into 1Password.


I’ve done it. It’s a tedious process, but it worked. https://support.1password.com/import-lastpass/

I ended up switching back, since 1Password was a step backwards on PC/Android. If you’re Mac/iOS you’ll likely have a better experience… once you’ve migrated your data.


1password perpetual license. I use it on several windows pc’s, macbooks, a variety of ios devices, and a few android devices. I sync everything through dropbox with 2 factor turned on. I’ve been happy with them for many years. If I wasn’t already so invested in 1password I would probably go lastpass.


KeePass locally.

Storing passwords in the cloud seems like it might not be a good idea.


How did you get one? Is that something they offered a couple years ago? Or did you really mean a one-time payment for the current version only, as opposed to a subscription.

@instant0: The passwords are encrypted locally, not on the server. Therefore Lastpass cannot decrypt them. The only thing they could do is to release a compromised version of their software to upload your passphrase, which would get out, and immediately put them out of business. 1Password works similarly with their subscription service, and the vault is put on Dropbox with their one-time purchased products.


I meant the latter: one-time payment for the current version only, as opposed to a subscription.


Can someone summarize whether or not using Chrome to store passwords is sufficient? Seems to work great for me.


Lastpass Premium user here.


Browser password management is horribly insecure and a prime target for malware. They also don’t offer secure password generation, multifactor authentication, etc etc etc. It’s not necessary to engage with the full range of features things like LastPass offer but I highly recommend at least using them for the stuff you currently have Chrome do.


A keepass data file with any name can be stored on a backup, the chrome passwords (for web pages that allow passwords to be saved) are stored where and what happens if your windows installation/user and/or chrome gets corrupted?