Which password manager do you use?


I don’t know why they didn’t at least wait until the bundle expired, before announcing that they’re going free. Maybe so they wouldn’t come off as huge assholes, I guess.

Anyway, I bought a years’ subscription a few months ago, after seeking advice in this thread, and I’ve been very happy with it. I guess I’ll wait and see what else they change over the coming year, before deciding whether or not to renew. Maybe they’ll roll out some new features for subscribers.

Anyway, the $1 tier of that bundle includes Directory Opus Light, which I’m liking so much that I’m considering upgrading to the pro version, which has a very nifty folder flatten feature that I really like. I was looking for something similar to this just a few months back, except I only looked at free alternatives, and ended up not getting anything. But this is definitely worth trying out for a dollar.


+1 for Directory Opus.

Great AMiGA app that was ported to Windows and didn’t suck :)


Long time Directory Opus user. Great, but expensive, utility.


Yes it is crazy expensive but also very feature-rich. I used it in the Vista days to replace Explorer back when it had that giant teal banner in every window.


Is there an upgrade path from DOpus light to pro?


Yes, according to their website, you just pay the price difference, which is $40 AUD, or about $30 US.


Awesome, so the Humble Bundle is pretty much a USD35 discount on DOpus Pro, with some other stuff thrown in. ;)

I bought two, and will probably upgrade at least one.


I’m thinking about whether to get a second key, but once you upgrade to pro, you get to use it on two PC’s (desktop + laptop), so I’m not sure if I need it.


Hmm, I got two because the Pro is a site license (excluding laptops) and I have two sites (home and work).

Mind you, the PC at work is an Alienware - I guess that qualifies as a laptop? Even though it’s a massive unwieldy brick and far too inconvenient to lug anywhere. :)


Well, they do say that the desktop and laptop have to belong to the same site, so I think you’d want two licences, if you want to use one at work.

edit: Yeah, it’s in the faq:

Can I use the free laptop licence at work?

The answer to this is generally no. Not only is the free licence specifically designated for a “personal” laptop (i.e. one that you own), but the licence terms don’t allow the one licence to be used at home and work as well. The one exception to this would be if you take your own laptop in to work every day.


Time to disable autofill on all your password managers


I’d have thought not falling for phishing attacks would be better advice. I mean, if you’re putting your personal info into a phishing site, you’re already fucked, whether or not you can see the other boxes.


You can be totally vigilant and all you need is a single lapse.

My old job, I got hundreds of emails per day. The IT department had annual training sessions, signs posted everywhere about safe computing skills, and conducted tests by sending fake emails to employees.

It’s hard to filter the good and the bad when you’re dealing with partners for whom English is a second language (or, a first language, is some cases). Terribly-written emails were often legit.

I failed every one of those fake email tests.


I thought I was vigilant as well and one day, I found myself failing the test too. The tricks my company used to lure me was just brilliant. They sent me a perfectly legit looking email, with my name, and says it’s from the CIO office offering to upgrade my 3 year old machine to a shiny new MacBook Pro. Got caught with my pants down!


Damn, I missed out on Humble Dopus Bundle… double damn. Funny when I even replied to the thread.

At work I’m stuck on a Win10 computer and really wanted to get Dopus in there.


Damn, I meant to say that I have a spare key for one year of LastPass Premium. You need to be a new user though, which I wasn’t so couldn’t use!

If you’re interested PM me.

Giveaway thread!

Reported as spam. Do yourself a favour and do NOT follow this link or use this product, even if it is legit. User joined one day ago and first post is a link to, of all things, software that collects your passwords.

Phish much?

@stusser, might be a good idea to remove that one asap.


I just deleted it.




We have all the time zones covered, evidently!