Which SSD to get?

Apparently in that dev presentation it was asked and answered that PCIE3.0 would be supported as well.

Add a June 1, 2017-purchased 1TB Crucial MX300 to the dead SSD list. Had pulled it from my PC when I upgraded to a 2TB SSD and was using it for storage on an Xbox Series X.


You’ve got terrible luck, homie.

I had an Intel SSD which I used as a daily driver for windows on my Plex server just… stop. No errors, no symptoms, just completely dead and no possible recovery. Lost a ton of metadata on my library and had to rebuild from scratch. Missed it from my backup schedule.

Looked it up and there was an Intel ssd bug that was causing like 10x write duplication to the drive. There was a firmware fix that I did not know about. It may have come up on this thread before.

Anyways, I’ll never buy an Intel SSD ever again.

The only SSDs that have died on me were those early OCZ ones. Wicked fast, but the Sandforce controller was really unreliable, and, well, there’s a reason they’re not in business anymore.

Yeah I lost one of those too, but I believe I had a SMART warning ahead of time. That or I just pulled it when the remaining space that still worked started narrowing to the point where the data on the drive barely fit anymore.

No-one buy a car from Editer!

This is what happens when you get emotionally attached to computer parts, which then go bad. ;-)

Ha, fixed! Stupid autocorrect, I know I typed it out just fine.

Yikes. This doesn’t bode well. China is 42% of Samsung’s NAND production.

2022 will be the worst year to upgrade!


Will be nice if all this stuff translates into anything detectable.

Chicken/egg problem, the only way to get applications that benefit from tremendously fast storage is to first build that fast storage and make it cheap, and mass market. Consoles just caught up with SSDs this year– and I’ve had a SSD in my desktop PC since 2009.

Brute forcing away load times would be fine to be going on with.

Obligatory reference to Microsoft Flight Simulator and the 32nd Century SSDs on the USS Discovery NCC-1031A still not being fast enough so all speed is appreciated.

I wonder how hot that Intel Gen 5 SSD is getting? Gen 4 needed some beefy heatsinks.

That seems like it’s the biggest issue right now, especially for something like laptops.

I have a few questions that probably have easy answers:

0 ) First, my motherboard is some sort of OEM version of this ASROCK one.

1 ) Is this doohickey, labeled “PCIE4 0 M2”, an open SSD slot?

2 ) Assuming it is, are there any power considerations to take into account, or can I just slide in an SSD and be good to go?

3 ) Is this drive a compatible and good option?
(If it helps, this is the drive already installed in the MoBo)


I’m too lazy to click through all of that, but an M2 generally denotes a storage card, aka an NVME storage card, which is a good thing. Well recommended for boot drives as it cuts out some of the old school SCSI bullshit in between, but honestly it’s all more or less wasted on consumer goods, like a dual turbo supercharged V8 with electric boost motors on the drive wheels. Power should be negligible, you’re just energizing a bigass chip of memory rather than spinning a platter.

Quicker and dirtier, that thing doesn’t take SSDs, it takes NVME drives, different interface. SSDs still generally connect to the same SATA ports as older hard drives, they’re just 100x better.

NVME drives are still a type of SSD
Otherwise that is correct.