Which would you rather have: Free Education or Universal Healthcare?

Yes, that’s right. The United States has decided to offer its citizens a choice: free education, all the way up to post-graduate studies (minus cost of materials and books), or free healthcare, which we all know means a single-payer healthcare system where the burden is no longer a single person/entity but society as a whole.

The choice is yours, so pick!

We’re rich enough as a country to provide both.

Can’t have universal healthcare and birthright citizenship when you have an enormous border with a 3rd-world country. Free education isn’t far behind in terms of government expenditure.

Fuck both of those; I want free beer.

Assuming the free education is retroactive, my student loan burden demands I choose that option.

Healthcare, of course, as education doesn’t do you much good if you’re dead. Education is also more or less a “there’s only so many slots and you’re competing for them” deal, so free college degrees for everyone doesn’t help the janitor’s earnings all that much to pay for that non-free health care.

Life expectancy at birth:
total population: 75.63 years
male: 72.84 years
female: 78.56 years (2007 est.)

United States:
Life expectancy at birth:
total population: 78 years
male: 75.15 years
female: 80.97 years (2007 est.)

Plus, Mexico already has nearly universal health care in place. They aren’t coming here to overcome our health care system, they are coming here for jobs. Whether we have universal health care or not we’re already paying for what Mexican immigrants are using.

Free Education, plz.

Both, duh. We could easily afford each of them. Build a few less bombers, because if the prices Call of Duty 4 quotes at me when I die are correct, we’re getting shafted.

You mean that other people in this country are rich enough to pay for your education or healthcare.

I bet there are people rich enough to pay your mortgage and a vacation to Hawaii too!

Free Education, with refund to current college students.


Free education, because a less ignorant electorate will do many wonderful things, universal healthcare included.

Since I’m past 40, “free” healthcare. Although it isn’t going to be remotely free; at best, it will just shift costs to the upper-middle class.

It’s hard to say - I’ve never known live without having both. Okay, university tuitions and aren’t paid for, but I pay way less than students in the States do.

I don’t know what logic train you got on that made you want to overturn the 14th Amendment, but you need to get off at the next stop and start heading back the other way.

Simmer down, chief. I just said you can’t have both.

Sure you can.

Well… you’ve got me there.

Are you rich enough manage to avoid the diseases incubated by people without healthcare, or survive the plague without anyone educated enough to look for a cure.

If you want to go live in the woods, get off mah intarnet!

What does the 14th amendment have to do with it? Tom may be concerned about the consequences of granting a free education and healthcare to children born in the US (and thus citizens) of illegal immigrants, but I don’t see where that’s a challenge to the provisions of the constitution.